Urgent support for emerging artists - #ArtApart

100 artists received a $750 grant

Art Apart Artists - works online

Aisling Murphy (ON)
Alexandra Lord (ON)
Angelica Schwartz (MB), Stephanie Wong, Evan Rein and Gillian Clarke (NS)
Anne-Marie St-Louis et Éléonore Brieuc (QC)
Alice Tixidre (QC)
Alison Helmer (MB)
Amber O'Reilly (MB)
Apihtaw Toussaint (NWT)
Ashleigh Giffen (BC)
Becca Willow Moss (ON)
Ben Smith (NB)
Brian Postalian (BC)
Caite Clark (QC) and Daniel Hickie (QC)
Catherine Lafferty (NWT)
Caroline Somers (QC)
Chantal Gering (BC)
Chelsea Woolley (ON)
Christopher Wardell (QC)
Clara Champagne-Laforest and Laurence Laprise (QC)
Darragh Mondoux (QC)
David Gagnon Walker (NS)
Davinder Malhi (AB)
Deedra Salange Ladouceur (AB)
Deniz Başar (QC)
Eduardo Eli Cortés Carreón and Henri Kinkead (QC)
Elizabeth Richardson (ON)
Emily Jane King and Keauna Miller (MB)
Emma Houghton (AB)
Eric Ollivier (AB)
Fanny Dvorkin (QC)
Gabe Maharjan and Merlin Simard (QC)
Gillian Clark  and Claire Clark (NS)
Hannah Meyers (BC)
Howard Dai (BC)
Intisar Awisse (ON)
Isabela Solis-Lozano & Ryan Pepper (ON)
Isabelle Bartkowiak (QC)
Jakob Creighton (NS)
Jean-Christophe Leblanc (QC)
JJ Houle (QC)
Joanie Fortin (QC)
Joline Rath (SK)
Jonathan Mourant (MB)
Jordan Hope Kaltenbruner (YT)
Josh Loewen and Taylor Bogaert (ON)
Julia Weisser (QC)
Just Theatre Co. (ON)
Justine Prévost et Anthony Tingaud (QC)
Kanon Hewitt and Julia Siedlanowska (BC)
Kariane Lachance (ON)
Katerina Bakolias (NS)
Katie Clarke (NS)
Katy Chapman (ON)
Kathy-Alexandra Villegas (QC)
Keshia Palm (ON)
Kira Meyers-Guiden (ON)
Lara Aysal, Damla Ekin Tokel and Can Güvenç (BC)
Lara Lewis and Mark Foster (NS)
Laurie Léveillé (QC)
Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis (NS)
Logan Martin-Arcand and Mitchell Kent Larsen (SK)
Lorena Trigos (QC)
Mariah Horner / Sean Meldrum / Wallis Caldoza (ON)
Marianne Lonergan Pilotto (QC)
Marie Lépine - Julien Granet (QC)
Marine Plasse (QC)
Martin Nishikawa and Gloria Mok (YT)
Meagan Woods (BC)
Monica Ogden (BC)
Natalia Bushnik (ON)
Natalie Liconti (ON)
Nicolas Peña (QC)
Noémie Avidar (NB)
Noémie Roy (QC)
Olivia Pia Audet (QC)
Olivia Shortt (ON)
Olivia Woods (QC)
Oshan Starreveld (ON)
Patrick Blenkarn and Milton Lim (BC)
potatoCakes_digital (QC)
Rachelle Block (SK)
Rebecca Hellekson (AB)
Santiago Guzmán (NL)
Sierra Haynes (SK)
Shay Virginillo (BC)
Stephanie Wong (BC)
Tai Amy Grauman (AB)
Tanisha Sinclair (ON)
Tanya Rintoul (ON)
Tina-Eve Provost (QC)
Todd Houseman (AB)
Unetelle et les Nounours (ON)
Veronique West (BC)
Victoria Wang (ON)
Violette Kay (QC)
Vivian Or and Angela Sun (ON)
Yousef Kadoura (ON), Harri Thomas (ON) and Stefne Mercedes (ON)
Yulissa Campos (SK)
Zachary Strom (AB)

Art Apart Artists - works coming soon

Khadijah Salawu (ON)

About Art Apart

Art Apart is an initiative to support young and emerging Canadian theatre artists during these times of physical distancing. This project is meaningful to us because we believe artists can help in keeping the social fabric alive even from a physical distance. We also feel a responsibility towards our students, alumni, and the entire theatre community of this country to help in any way we can. 

Art Apart has received an overwhelming number of applications from a wide range of disciplines, languages, cultural backgrounds, provinces and regions. We want to thank all applicants for your courage and desire to share your artistic artworks and practices with a wide audience during this trying time. 

We hope you will find as much pleasure as we did discovering these artists!

We thank Power Corporation of Canada and CBC for their valuable support of the Art Apart project.