Policy to prevent and fight sexual violence (PPFSV)

July 16, 2020

The National Theatre School of Canada (NTS) recognizes the critical importance of ensuring a safe and healthy work, study, and living environment for everyone in its community. The present Policy was written to address the need to prevent and fight sexual violence.

Through this Policy, NTS is fulfilling its obligation under the Act to Prevent and Fight Sexual Violence in Higher Education Institutions (The Act).

As such, NTS is committed to:

  • Fostering an environment where every member of the NTS community (see Definitions section) feels safe and free from sexual violence, which are not be tolerated in any form or context;

  • Providing full support to anyone who makes use of the Policy to ensure appropriate and fair treatment;

  • Offering prevention and awareness-raising activities as well as mandatory training sessions for all NTS community members.


In order to counter sexual violence in its facilities, NTS requires the participation of all members of its community. Executives, teaching staff, managers, support staff, as well as students and residents must be actively involved in the fight against sexual violence.

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Policy to Prevent Harassment and Promote a Safe Environment (PPHPSE)

National Theatre School of Canada’s (NTS) position regarding safe working and learning environments in the theatre community.

1. We stand with the many people who are coming forward with their experiences of sexual harassment, exclusionary practices, bullying and inappropriate behaviour. We acknowledge the courage it takes to come forward and we thank them.

2. It is time for this behaviour to end and NTS must proactively contribute to building a safe and inclusive artistic milieu.

3. The artistic community must be more diverse and more inclusive, and built on respect for all people. Together we must undertake a thorough examination not only of individual behaviour but also of the structures that enable harmful practices and of the systemic barriers that deny people access to opportunities in the community.

The National Theatre School has undertaken the following actions:

1. Continue a process begun in 2016 of reviewing all policies to prevent harassment and abuse of power and ensure that training for staff and artists is integrated at all levels of NTS so that appropriate tools and resources are readily available to everyone.

2. Set up an arm’s length and confidential process for the NTS community—current and past—to bring forward any experiences of harassment of any nature, bullying and inappropriate behaviour.

3. Developped a declaration of values for NTS that guides it artistically, pedagogically, administratively and from a governance perspective to ensure that it creates the safest possible environment in which to learn, work and create.

Bernard Amyot, Ad. E., Chair of the Board of Directors
Gideon Arthurs, CEO
Alisa Palmer, Artistic Director of the English section and Director of the Acting and Directing programs
Frédéric Dubois, Artistic Director of the French section and Director of the Interprétation program
Jasmine Kamruzzaman, President of the Student Council
Andrea Lundy, Director of the Production Design and Technical Arts program
Rose Plotek, Associate director of the Directing program
Andrea Romaldi, Director of the Playwriting program
François St-Aubin, Director of the Set and Costume Design program
Robert Bellefeuille, Director of the Mise en scène program
Catherine La Frenière, Director of the French Production program
Diane Pavlovic, Director of the Écriture dramatique program

Documents to download

Policy to Prevent Harassment and Promote a Safe Environment

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Policy to Prevent and Fight Sexual Violence

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Mechanism for handling complaints

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