About the project

With absolutely no skill or experience, Lez Zeppelin: Unplugged follows Natalie Liconti as she decides to break into the punk rock world. Join an intimate documentary crew for the first part of what audiences are calling “6-and-a-half minutes of my life that I will never get back.” 

This project received financial support from the National Theatre School of Canada via the Art Apart program, an emergency fund for emerging artists who are affected by physical distancing due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

About the artist

Natalie Liconti is a Toronto-based actor and writer. With an interest in site-specific and interdisciplinary performance, she explores camp, popular culture, and dystopia/utopia. Natalie’s pieces have been presented across Canada and internationally at festivals such as Printemps Numérique Festival, The Wildside Festival, ZH Festival, and Calm Down, Dear Festival (Camden People’s Theatre: London, UK). She has been a resident creator at Camden People’s Theatre (London, UK), and is currently a participant in Nightwood Theatre’s Write From the Hip Program 2020 (Toronto). Natalie can be seen on Season 2 of the CW’s hit series, In the Dark, airing April 16, 2020. Other notable film and television credits include appearances on streaming platforms such as Freeform (“The Bold Type” and “Party of Five”).