Through four or five guided workshops, we want to present African and Caribbean theatre and poetry to young people of African descent who are interested in the arts. The young people will be asked to read poems, discuss the themes that arise, work on them through various exercises, and present them at the end of the process.   


Zoé Ntumba biography (Quebec)

Born in a small neighbourhood of Kinshasa, Zoé arrived in Montreal at the age of four. At a very young age, she discovered a true passion for the theatre, and joined her high school troupe. After she made a detour into psychology, her love for performance had not faded, and she decided to fully dive into her vocation. In 2020, she auditioned for the Interprétation program at the National Theatre School of Canada and began her studies in the fall of 2021. When she’s not setting fire to the stage, she likes to write, talk about Afrofeminism and develop projects that inspire her.  

Aimé Shukuru Tuyishime biography (Quebec)

My name is Aimé Shukuru Tuyishime, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Rwanda. My initiation to art happened in my first year of high school, when I chose the saxophone as my instrument for my music class. That’s when I got on stage for the first time, and I haven’t left it since. Shortly after that, I transitioned toward rap, which let me express myself through writing, discover myself as an artist and get more comfortable in front of an audience. My love for the stage led me to the National Theatre School, where I discovered a limitless world that I had never encountered before and that I continue to explore every day.