Sketch Comedy in the Community is a free class in sketch comedy creation offered by actor, director and sketch comedian Allison Moira Kelly. The class will offer participants an understanding of how to dissect jokes, focus on the responsibility of the comedian, explore what we mean by “sketch comedy,” write sketch in various forms, and act in sketch comedy. At the class’s culmination, participants will write and act in a small showcase of sketch comedy!

Allison Moira Kelly (they/them) is an actor, director, sketch comedian and acting teacher from Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador. Allison has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Master of Fine Arts from York University (acting), and is now studying directing at the National Theatre School of Canada. Allison has worked as an actor with companies such as Riding Tide, Perchance Theatre, Two Planks and a Passion, and Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland. Allison is one-fourth of the sketch comedy troupe Mom’s Girls, who were the top-selling show at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival in March of 2023.