“S’enjailler” (to have fun, to let loose) is a neologism that has emerged from Ivorian slang. Given the representation of women of African descent on stage, and also in the issues addressed in the text, it’s important to me that the audience be as diversified as the play’s creation team. We will of course reach out to audience members who are regulars at CTD’A productions, but we also want to expand our audience while ensuring that young people who are members of visible minorities, and more specifically people of African descent, can attend the show.

We want to offer free tickets to young adults from racialized communities, and more specifically people of African descent, because they need to see themselves in Quebecois works and to see creations that reach them through topical and inclusive themes.  
By having a theatre that promotes inclusivity and diversity, we encourage young people to open up to the theatre arts and we can inspire them to become theatre artists in their own right and to create works that are rich and daring and that bring people together.

This project is a continuation of our artistic and political work with the troupe Joussour. It consists of integrating, mixing, and confronting a vision and a Palestinian theatre practice in our dramaturgy. This is first articulated through joint research work, and next through the production of (digital) content, to conclude with the dissemination of this content on a Canadian stage as an epilogue to the creation work.  

Stephie Mazunya Biography (Ontario)

Born in Burundi and raised in Ottawa, Stephie Mazunya is fluent in French, English and Kirundi. At the National Theatre School, she had the opportunity to work on a varied repertoire with a number of seasoned directors, including Frédéric Dubois, Michel-Maxime Legault, Véronique Côté, Simon Lacroix and Pierre Bernard, to name just a few.  
Outside school, she has gained artistic experience as an actress, in both English and French, in productions such as Le Règne de Karugaju (directed by Diane Ntibarikure) and MUD by Makambe K. Simamba (directed by John Collins) at the Ottawa Little Theatre. On screen, she appeared in 2018 in the youth show Vraiment Top! broadcasted on TFO and produced by Xavier Hovitov.  

In 2019, she acted professionally in SOIFS Matériaux, based on the work by Marie-Claire Blais, directed by Denis Marleau and Stéphanie Jasmin and performed at FTA, and in Les Louves by Sarah Delappe, directed by Solène Paré and performed at Espace Go and at the NAC. In 2020, she performed in Notre innocence by Wajdi Mouawad at Théâtre La Colline.  

Stephie is a multidisciplinary artist; she is also interested in singing, writing and translation.