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Five Reasons to Study in Montreal

Montreal is one of the best cities to be a student! It’s affordable, artsy, innovative, diverse and LGBTQ-friendly. If you’re on the fence about relocating, here are just a few reasons you should come study at the National Theatre School in Montreal. 

You can afford it!

The cost of tuition at the National Theatre School is comparable to or even lower than other post-secondary institutions in Canada. Because we’re a private school, we set our own tuition rates and are not affected by the new regulations in Quebec. Our tuition is the same for all Canadian students and we offer financial aid. 

Plus, the cost of rent in Montreal is lower than most other major Canadian cities. In fact, it’s way lower than Toronto or Vancouver despite Montreal being the second-biggest city in Canada. 

Be part of a vibrant English-language cultural scene

Montreal is home to a dynamic English-language arts scene. The presence of McGill and Concordia universities means there are lots of young people here with a strong appetite for culture in all its forms.  

If you fall in love with Montreal (which we think you will) and decide to stay here after your studies, you will be able to find work opportunities within the city’s thriving English theatre scene. 

The Segal Centre - Centaur Theatre - Geordie Theatre - Playwrights' Workshop Montreal - MAI - Black Theatre Workshop 

Learn a new language and discover a new culture

You don’t have to know French when you arrive. NTS is a co-lingual school with a French Section and an English Section. The programs in the English Section are taught in English and have zero French-language requirements to be admitted or to graduate 

Most Montrealers speak English, and there’s a large Anglophone community here. If all you know is bonjour and merci, you’ll be fine. 

That said, we encourage all our students to fully embrace the opportunity of living in the world’s second-largest French-speaking city! NTS offers free French lessons for students, and your peers in the French Section are usually happy to provide conversation practice. N’est-ce pas magnifique? 

Enjoy an amazing quality of life

Montreal abounds with green spaces like Laurier Park and Mount-Royal, near NTS. These are great spots to meet up with friends for a picnic in the summer or to go skating and cross-country skiing in the winter.  

The city is consistently ranked as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. You can even bike to school year-round if you’re feeling brave; the bike lanes are cleared during the winter. Montreal also has a great public transit system, and both NTS campuses are within a short walk to a metro station. In short, expect your commute to school to be a breeze. 

Many organizations in Montreal offer free health and social services in English. Our Student Services team will be happy to help connect you with the services you need while living in Montreal. 

Live, work and play in the coolest neighbourhoods

Our Saint-Denis Campus is located in the Plateau–Mont-Royal borough, on the edge of the Mile End neighbourhood. With a relaxed and artsy vibe, Mile End is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world. Known for its colourful walk-ups, the Plateau is full of indie cafés, bars, restaurants, bakeries, music venues, artist studios, bookstores, record shops and thrift stores. You won’t be bored! 

Our Monument-National Campus is in the Quartier des Spectacles, the bustling downtown neighbourhood that brings together the city’s biggest venues and festivals. Throughout the year, the Quartier des Spectacles hosts festivals with world-class programming in French and English, like the Jazz Fest, Just For Laughs, and the FTA. 

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