Theatre Engaging Communities (TEC)

Through the Theatre Engaging Communities (TEC) program, NTS supports its students and recent graduates by financing some of their artistic projects produced outside of the School (up to $5,000). This program combines the pursuit of artistic excellence with the determination to strengthen theatre’s social impact.

Students and recent NTS graduates (up to 5 years after graduation) may apply for for a grant to produce or perform art projects outside of the School if these projects demonstrate social or community involvement.

There are two types of grants

type 1: project including some elements of community involvement (maximum amount requested $2,500)

type 2: a community-engagement-centered project that benefits its targeted community (maximum request $5,000)   

The distinction between the two types of grants allows for the encouragement of different types of projects, while at the same time funding projects that demonstrate stronger and measurable community relevance.

TEC Application Forms

Photo: Fille du laitier

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