Tales and legends of the North of possibilities is a research-creation process within the citizen community of a green alley in the city of Montreal. This process aims to answer this question : How to create - through theater - an imaginary of the socio-ecological transition ?
In the fall of 2022, the green community of the North of Possibilities in the Rosemont-la-petite-patrie district will see artists, ecologists, and scientific popularizers take over the site in order to collect testimonies, stories and citizen concerns. These are the starting points of a series of artistic exploration laboratories from which will be born the first texts of an imaginary of the socio-ecological transition of this environment: Tales and legends of the North of the possible. I will explore the themes of belonging to the territory, the narratives of nature and eco-citizenship within a committed community.

Étienne Laforge Biography (Québec)

Actor from a young age, Etienne Laforge has played many roles on the big screen and on television. (Deux fois une femme by François Delisle, Avant que mon coeur bascule by Sébastien Rose).
It is in 2014 in the play Testament under the direction of Éric Jean at Quat'Sous that he combines his two passions, theater and music. He then began a theatrical journey that would lead him to graduate in 2020 from the National Theatre School of Canada. He then co-founded Conteurs à gages, a company that combines storytelling and ecological theater to tell the myths and legends of the current socio-ecological transition.