V and her Dream is a psychological thriller and dramatic short film. The main character, Zoey, wakes up in Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital, unsure as to how or why she ended up there. Unable to leave Zoey starts to dream and hallucinate her trauma until she finally confronts it. Directed by Brendan Chandler. DOP: David Duc Nguyen. Actors: Jessica Rose & Natalie Scagnetto.

Jessica Rose Biography (Ontario)

Jessica Rose (she/her) is a Toronto based actor, performer and creator. She is a graduate of Humber College’s theatre performance program and is now in NTS’s second year acting program. She has a passion for devising and collaborating on new works, especially those which examine mental health and the stigmas that surround it. She has been workshopping V and Her Dream for over five years now and is thrilled to have finally produced a short film of it. Thank you to TEC and NTS for all of your support !