Stay tuned for more! A total of 100 works will be broadcast in the coming weeks.

Art Apart Artworks

One Day You Won’t Feel Like This Anymore

By Tanya Rintoul

Carly Chamberlain and Tanya Rintoul met when they were both classmates in the directing program at NTS. They wanted to make this project together, but Carly gets chronic migraines and they started getting worse and it's a f*cking pandemic so they decided Tanya would make it without her. But it took her forever. And ever. 

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By Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis

Re:Locating, a work in progress by Artist-Practitioner Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis asks for us to engage with our own needs, consider the needs of others, and to transform our experience of being in community. This work will culminate in K’jipuktuk on Mikmaki, and beyond. Re:Locating comes out of Eko Davis's personal experiences as a result of a sustained Traumatic Brain Injury in 2017. 

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By Nicolas Peña

Memoria is a result of his past experiences where he hopes to integrate peer-to-peer learning spaces that facilitate knowledge transfer and sharing between immigrants, refugees, and local residents.

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Juan, Juana, G'wan-Neetah

By Santiago Guzmán

Join Santiago Guzmán on Facebook Live reading of freshly-penned monologues from his new play in development titled Juan, Juana, G'wan-Neetah

He will talk about his writing process, how he deals with writer's block, and he will read some monologues that he has written in the past couple of months and will talk about where he'd like to go with this show next. 

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By Veronique West

Szepty/Whispers explores inherited silences through narrative fragments, multimedia artifacts, and audience contributions. The audiovisual content includes captions and transcripts. The images include alt text. Please note that the project features images of riot police and tanks, and discussion of life under a totalitarian regime

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By Kanon Hewitt and Julia Siedlanowska

Sen・Nemuri uses English, Polish and Japanese languages, traditional and contemporary music, illustrations, and clowning around to sweep you on a heartfelt adventure. This project for young audiences is recorded as an audio-play, with accompanying images crafted by the playwright.

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By Alexandra Lord and Cameron Carver 

Post-Production seeks to explore what lies behind the paisley curtain we’ve grown accustom to. How can we continue on a quest for Truth that cannot be found? Why are we persistent? Exploring Truman syndrome (derived from fear that we are being watched on a television show), simulation theory and layers of dreaming, peeling away the veils of existence, one layer at a time. Embracing whatever “reality” turns out to be, learning to embody uncertainty.

Watch the project on July 24, 7PM 

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The Sock Song

By Martin Nishikawa and Gloria Mok

Midori is Martin’s 4-year-old niece, and she is the silliest, funniest, most adorable kid Martin and Gloria know. Inspired by Midori’s “Sock Song,” a funny made-up song that was once caught on camera, the artists wanted to bring that sense of kid wonder to their work.

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Fabric & Flame

By Oshan Starreveld

Fabric & Flame is an evolving fabric art piece that brings the internal flame of a community outward. This project will visualize how a network of passion can overcome hardship.

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By Eric Ollivier

Patients is a verbatim theatre piece sourced from the community members of Canmore, Alberta. Inspired by the intriguing people of his father’s town, Eric wishes to make a piece about them; about their daily lives, relationships with nature, experience with coronavirus, and hopes and dreams for the town's future. Working from submissions obtained through a mass-printing, the artist shaped the different stories into this script.

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Two Canoe

By Meagan Woods 

''Two Canoe'' tracks a conversational dance between two rowers who debate whether they are paddling along in the same boat, or whether their separate boats are merely heading in the same direction. 

Watch the live performance on Saturday, July 11 at 4pm & 7pm PST

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Gaakaazootaadiwag: Hide and Seek 

By Olivia Shortt

There is a museum out in the woods, beyond the fog and hum of cicadas, that holds the stories of items both lost and found.

Watch the Facebook Live on Tuesday, July 14 at 6:00 pm EST

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Femmes d'ailleurs: (UN)D0CUM3NT3D

By Lorena Trigos

Lorena is working with a group of immigrant women of different ages doing a mask workshops and storytelling workshops as a first phase of the project that has been completed.

Inspired by the stories of 4 women from different parts of the world, Brazil, Mexico, Chad, Algeria, Afghanistan, she created 4 characters and tries to portray in image and video the 4 stories of arriving to Canada in a poetical way…

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Just Across the Causeway

By Natalia Bushnik

A rendition of 'Just Across the Causeway' by Natalia Bushnik in the form of a radio play. The story follows four sisters growing up on Cape Breton Island, and explores how life sends them in different directions, and how a tragic loss brings them back together.

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Ex Utero

By Katie Chapman

Meet Dolly, a new mother to a very fussy newborn. Audiences will be diving in head first alongside Dolly as she experiences bursts of intense postpartum psychosis periods within a surreal, nightmarish nursery full of her beloved dolls. As she seeks to discover the root of her life failures she finds that motherhood might finally allow her to find some success. 

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After This

By Katie Clarke

After This is a show about loneliness, about being alone with yourself — within a community or without. Part audio documentary, part verbatim theatre production, After This is a creative compilation of phone interviews with students, parents, professionals and seniors in Canada and abroad. 

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Can Lit Can Suck It

By Isabela Solis-Lozano and Ryan Pepper

Can Lit Can Suck It is a play that confronts the white settler-centric narrative that has dictated the course of Canadian literature for years. The play seeks to challenge the cultural memory that surrounds the Canadian literature canon and ask questions about whose voices we hear and why.

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A Waiting Space

By Elizabeth Richardson

A Waiting Space is an experimental 360-degree project that brings storytelling into the night sky through the stars. We spend a lot of time waiting but what are we waiting for? This video explores the idea and symbols of waiting.

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By Rebecca Hellekson

An original audio drama based on a modern version of the research ships that attempted to find the Northwest passage. This play takes on a suspense and horror feel as the crew gets stuck and must brave the weather, each other, and the possibility of the supernatural.

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The Donation

By Lara Aysal, Can Güvenç and Damla Ekin Tokel

The play takes place between Jen who is working at an environmental NGO, and Tommy who walks in the NGO and tries to donate his life to reduce the carbon emissions. The absurdity of the play unfolds while Tommy tries to convince that his attempt is not a suicide but a heroic act to save the future of the planet.

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By Gillian Clark  and Claire Clark

Claire and Gillian Clark are real-life mother and daughter and live in different cities.  Like so many of us during this moment, they are trying to find meaningful ways to connect while being away from each other.

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Halt: No Distraction

By Jordan Kaltenbruner

Halt: No Distraction features a solitary body, underclothed, in a transparent plexiglass box, at the top of a cliff overlooking an area of residential homes in downtown Whitehorse, Yukon. Over the course of a spring afternoon, text of suggested self-isolation activities will project onto the box.

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You used to call me Marie... 

By Tai Amy Grauman

You used to call me Marie...  is an epic Metis love story which begins in creation and ends in the present.  The story follows Iskwewo (Woman), Napew (Man) and Mistatim (Horse) through eight interwoven historical Metis love stories as we watch the love, the loss and the fight of Treaty's 6's Metis women and men. 

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By Ed Mendez, Yulissa Campos, Kris Sandoval, Guifre Bantjes-Rafols and Lenore Claire Herrem

Trapped is a call for hope to our society. 

Many people live in a place where hope and solidarity are slowly fading. We the immigrants, the future generations, are facing the biggest displacement of all time.

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Talk to Me

By Mariah Horner, Sean Meldrum and Wallis Caldoza

Talk to Me is an original, live, lo-fi site-specific radio play – broadcast for free on Canada’s oldest radio station, CRFC 101.9. A call-in sex and dating advice show, Talk to Me is a comedic exploration into intimacy, liveness, and exposure through the means of radio broadcast. Tune into the full show at

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Puppet Safety Videos

By Christopher Wardell

Have you ever wondered; "Is this the safest way to do this?" OR "What would actually happen when you do that?"

Vertically Unchallenged presents Puppet Safety Videos.

Watch the Facebook Live on June 12 at 6PM, EAST

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Papa Records Everything

By Chantal Gering

Papa Records Everything is a tale about a girl’s journey to the meaning of love. Giselle and her best friend are in a treehouse on her 18th birthday to confront a box. After a quick search online, Giselle learns about her father's dark secrets. 

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Monica vs. The Internet

By Monica Ogden

One Filipina. Thousands of racist internet trolls. One deep dive into the comment section. Award winning Filipina storyteller and accidental comedian Monica Ogden sheds light on activism in the age of the internet, mixed-race identity, and why white feminism is like Lays chips.

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My Grandfather’s True Stories

By Katerina Bakolias

My Grandfather’s True Stories is a radio play, or recorded story, by Katerina Bakolias. Running 30 minutes in length.

Its purpose is as a tribute to her grandfather, Alexander ''Alec'' Gillis, a fantastic storyteller and constant source of artistic support. Katerina hopes that these stories will fascinate listeners, both young and old, and evoke pleasant memories of bedtime stories.

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apartment twenty one

By Joline Rath

Does our living space restrict us beyond its structural limits? apartment twenty one is a reflection on loneliness and its relationship to the space we live in. Through the use of costume and landscape this project explores the home as an extension of the self and looks at how we carry our private life with us as we move through the world. apartment twenty one is an ode to tiny studio living during a time of global isolation.

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By Stephanie Wong

In various cultures, it is believed that moths are the souls of loved ones returning to visit from the spirit world. But when one fears their grief, it can be easier to forget those longing to be remembered. A luna moth arrives to awaken the memories of his past life, warding off the fear that threatens to leave him forgotten. bàba is a journey that brings life to the ordinary, in tribute to an extraordinary life.

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By Patrick Blenkarn and Milton Lim

culturecapital is a live art project that takes the form of a collectible card game and living archive. The project is constructed from two sets of data: (1) hundreds of interviews with artists about their experiences making performance in Canada and (2) five years worth of municipal, provincial, and federal public funding data on performing arts companies. 

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And So I Stand

By Rachelle and Jacqueline Block

When Rachelle and Jacqueline Block's dad passed away in 2017, they were tasked with the job of sorting through his home. In the garage, covered in dust, they discovered the beautiful past of our great-grandmother, Catherine Buckaway. 

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I’m Right Here

By Sierra Haynes

I’m Right Here is a radio drama inspired by the real-life disappearance of a young girl from the artist's hometown. Sierra Haynes started this project aiming to unpack and come to terms with her own questions regarding unfinished stories, lives, grief, acceptance, and disappearance when that is the only answer we get to move on with.

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By Angelica Schwartz, Gillian Clark, Evan Rein and Stephanie Wong

Focus is a solo auditory experience. We struggle as a society to spend time alone with ourselves and self-reflect. We live in a world full of distractions. Now, during this epidemic, our hunger for connection is more than ever.

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An Evening of Canadian Musical

By Jakob Creighton

A concert featuring exclusively Canadian musical theatre solo repertoire and classical vocal works in both official languages. Jakob performs with a pre-recorded accompaniment from June Rigden, Dartmouth-based pianist and music educator.

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Cosmonaut Number One

By Olivia Woods

This solo bio-drama will take you on a journey with the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin.

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many words for no

By Intisar Awisse

A story of survival, resistance, and defiance, many words for no is a portrait of a young woman’s attempt to escape a world intent on taking what is hers. 

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By Darragh Mondoux

A performance piece about the rituals around caring for houseplants, exploring how houseplants awaken feelings and words of love and encouragement. 

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A Joy that's Mine Alone

By Violette Kay

Manic Valerie is the goddess of violin playing. Depressed Valerie is most certainly not. Stable Valerie… maybe could have been, at some point. 

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Ordinary Orchestra

By Hannah Meyers

Using basic acoustic engineering, creaky pipes, pin drops, window whistles, and sniffles can finally form a majestic orchestra.

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Memory Palace Project

By Victoria Wang, Rose Tuong, Morgan St. Onge and Fan Wu

Memory Palace is an ongoing public art and community project that examines how we interact with our own and each other's memories. 

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By Other HeArts: Yousef Kadoura, Harri Thomas and Stefne Mercedes

A new puppet centric performance piece based on isolation and new methods of interaction.

Picture credit: Other HeArts 

Follow along on instagram @wemake.otherhearts

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By Emma Houghton

This first draft of WasherWomen is an attempt to begin to explore the idea of women in the role of laundress.

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Queer Spawn

By Kira Meyers-Guiden

"Even though I had great examples at home that went so far against this nuclear heteronormative ideal, I still felt pressure to uphold that shit.  If I didn’t, then I had to fully confront my own queerness- and that’s a lot to handle at 13."

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Just Trust Us: What Would Have Been the Show of a Lifetime

By Keauna Miller and Emily Jane King

In lieu of the spectacular-but-cancelled Fringe show that had definitely been written, the artists present this pandemic-proof alternative.

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The Rex Project

By Howard Dai and Tiger Xu

In a futuristic world where the integration of human memories and computer cores has created artificially intelligent androids, companies are mass recruiting employees to fast track production. You, the listener, are hired to be an integral part of the quality-control in the emotional development sector.

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Smashcut: Int. Changing Room

By Fanny Dvorkin 

An original monologue exploring non-binary gender. This piece will be re-tooled to be shot in my apartment; as well, consideration and focus on the current isolation caused by the COVID-19 crisis will be explored (dysphoria in an entirely private world, and performitivity of gender in the absence of an audience). 

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feather tales

By Caite Clark and Daniel Hickie

feather tales is a creation for young audiences, originally scheduled as a part of the Montreal St. Ambroise Fringe Festival. Using puppetry, live projection, and storytelling, Caite Clark and Daniel Hickie are continuing their creation process over physical distancing.  


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Zephyr who Swallowed Four Moons

By Shay Virginillo

Zephyr who Swallowed Four Moons is a solo show that follows a teenage girl over one night as she wrestles with her mixed-race identity, unreliable sources of guidance, and problematic sexual attention.

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Jon After Hours

By Jonathan Mourant

Combining the gimmicks and humour of modern hosts, and the irresponsible drunkenness of the late night icons before them, Jon After Hours is the only talk show where the host is hammered – and the guest is sober.

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By Aisling Murphy

A dramatic reading of Feasta documentary looking into the life and legacy of British playwright Sarah Kane, using verbatim citations from newspaper articles, interviews, play texts, and academic work on Kane. 

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The Edmonton Poems

By David Gagnon-Walker

The Edmonton Poems is a series of texts reflecting on places, people, and experiences from the author’s hometown.

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By Deniz Başar 

Wine&Halva is a play about the unconventional friendship between Farias, a white gay man from a fictional Canadian city called "New Stockholm", and Derya, a Turkish woman who immigrated to that city and needs to deal with cases of institutional discrimination. 

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If the World Ends Tell Lady Gaga I Loved Her

By Davinder Mahli

If the World Ends Tell Lady Gaga I Loved Her follows Davinder in self-isolation as he hosts a ‘live petition’ on YouTube as a response to Gaga postponing the release of her new album, Chromatica

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Lez Zeppelin: Unplugged

By Natalie Liconti

With absolutely no skill or experience, Lez Zeppelin: Unplugged follows Natalie Liconti as she decides to break into the punk rock world. Join an intimate documentary crew for the first part of what audiences are calling ''6-and-a-half minutes of my life that I will never get back.''

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Click Bait

By just theatre 

Click Bait is a multimedia web series that uses live streams, YouTube videos, video diary entries, and texts to tell the story. The seven-episode series was born out of a desire to see just how much is possible in the realm of collaboration when none of the actors are face to face.

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Ghost: Return to Mourning

By Deedra Salange Ladouceur

Ghost: Return to Mourning incorporates aspects of lyrical storytelling, using multiple media such as poetry, spoken word and music. Death is a relentless part of life that unites people cross-culturally.

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Card Game

By Brian Postalian

Card Game is a one-on-one performative game. The card deck, composed of questions, statements and values, is revealed one card at a time by the performer for the player to respond to with either a YES or NO card. 

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Bread Baby

By Mark Foster and Lara Lewis

A new short play by Mark Foster, performed by Lara Lewis. The increasingly less-speculative speculative fiction is a meditation on loneliness, hope, and the desire to become a master baker in the face of global catastrophe.  

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Make Me An Alleycat

By Keshia Palm

Make Me an Alleycat is a step-by-step guide to make your own adventure, to create a digital community arts project where individuals are invited to share stories and locations with their community during this time of social distancing.

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By Ashleigh Giffen

Sêkisiw (Scary Churches) is a monologue, the innocent confession of a young Cree boy named Bobbi, who compares the horrors of residential schools and his understanding of the church to horror movies. 

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Torpor Temper

By Zachary Strom

Torpor Temper: Dances to Break the Pattern, created and performed by Zachary Strom, is an exploration of movement through gloom and joy, a personal struggle to find clarity in what feels like a cloud of beige.

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The Forest of Us

By Taylor Bogaert and Josh Loewen

The Forest of Us is an online forest of stories to walk through and be a part of by sharing your own story. You’re about to go on a nature walk and meet a bunch of new friends. 

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It makes a sound

By Todd Houseman

It Makes a Sound is a short which follows the story to a family of masked characters who inhabit an ancient forest. This work is an attempt at bridging the gaps between what is called ‘indigenous art’ and ‘art’.

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Crack The Pretty Armour

By Julia Weisser

Crack the Pretty Armour is a one-act play by Julia Weisser, inspired by her research and interviews with former members of Toronto-based theatre company Creation 2. This work of fiction takes us back in time to the 70s and follows the story of a radical theatre company who sought to shake things up too! 

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Golden Rock

By Katłįà

Golden Rock is a virtual animated audio book summary of a full lenghth play that was written based on the realities of what could occur when greed takes over and industry contaminates.

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by Alison Helmer (Set and Costume Design, 2020)

Drawing inspiration from Franz Kafka’s novella Metamorphosis, Alison Helmer designs a costume for a drag performance by a fellow NTS student, with the additional challenge brought by physical distancing which limits the materials and resources she has.

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Double the Fun Double Bill

by Vivian Or and Angela Sun 

Double the Fun Double Bill is a dramatic reading of Asian theatre artists Angela Sun and Vivian Or darkly comedic works on connection, identity, and distance. 

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The Gay Card

By Logan Martin-Arcand and Mitchell Kent Larsen

''Fuck boys and cold pizza slices. Set in a conservative, small Canadian city, The Gay Card is a play about three gay men who grapple with love, consent, and the hyper-sexualization of the queer community in this modern snapshot of online dating and hookup culture.''

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The New Natives, Indigenous and Inside

by Apihtaw Toussaint (Production Design and Technical Arts 2, Inuvik)

A series of watercolour paintings done over the quarantine that mostly focus on modern Indigeneity in Canada.

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At Last!

by Tanisha Sinclair 

At Last! follows singer Etta James as she is put in prison on heroin possession. A closer look at a microcosm of struggling against the powers of addiction and depression, as one legendary powerhouse fights to embrace her influence and place in the history of rock and roll and blues music. 

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Production Portfolio - Scooter Thomas Makes It to the Top of the World

by Ben Smith

A production portfolio from Scooter Thomas Makes It to the Top of the World cancelled due to COVID-19, including; a production concept, set design, lighting plot, photos and a 2-minute clip with assorted excerpts underscored by an original theme created by the sound designer, Michael Doherty.

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by potatoCakes_digital

Hex is a multidisciplinary visual performance piece consisting of live projection manipulation of a Montreal apartment’s living room wall, set to music played live from Toronto. The performance starts with a real-time reactive VJ set with hand-drawn and digitally crafted 2D and 3D animations, found video, and generative visual effects, and culminates with an explanation of the artists’ process and approach to the technology and creativity behind the art.

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Write Your Own Adventure' Workshop

by Chelsea Woolley (Playwriting, 2017)

Join a workshop on writing a “choose your own adventure" story through the medium of a text-based video game. Participants will work on story-boarding, writing, and basic coding using the interactive program TWINE. Although engaging for anyone, this workshop is perfect for beginner writers and coders between the ages of 12 and 17.

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Stay tuned for more! A total of 100 works will be broadcast in the coming weeks.

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About Art Apart

Art Apart is an initiative to support young and emerging Canadian theatre artists during these times of physical distancing. This project is meaningful to us because we believe artists can help in keeping the social fabric alive even from a physical distance. We also feel a responsibility towards our students, alumni, and the entire theatre community of this country to help in any way we can. 

Art Apart has received an overwhelming number of applications from a wide range of disciplines, languages, cultural backgrounds, provinces and regions. We want to thank all applicants for your courage and desire to share your artistic artworks and practices with a wide audience during this trying time. 

We hope you will find as much pleasure as we did discovering these artists!

We thank Power Corporation of Canada and CBC for their valuable support of the Art Apart project.


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