Start your walk and discover the project

About the project

Full of people, full of stories, full of lifeThe Forest of Us is an online forest of stories to walk through and be a part of by sharing your own story. You’re about to go on a nature walk and meet a bunch of new friends. 

On your walk through the forest you’ll meet 6 people, each on their own journey, telling their own story, in their own way. When you reach the other side of the forest, you can turn around and walk right back in. When you’ve finished your stroll, the artists welcome you to join the forest by sharing your own story.

Welcome to The Forest of Us. It’s alive, and it's growing. Enjoy your walk. 

This project received financial support from the National Theatre School of Canada via the Art Apart program, an emergency fund for emerging artists who are affected by physical distancing due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

About the artists

Both in their last year of Brock University’s Dramatic Arts program, Taylor Bogaert and Josh Loewen have worked together on a multitude of projects including a production of Carol Churchill’s Love and Information at Brock University, a recently cancelled site-specific production of Rosamund Small’s TomorrowLove at Brock University, and are the co-creators of the game everyone knows and loves, Nose Tape. You can be sure to find them innovating and creating fun everywhere they go!