About the project

I’m Right Here is a radio drama inspired by the real-life disappearance of a young girl from the artist's hometown. Sierra Haynes started this project aiming to unpack and come to terms with her own questions regarding unfinished stories, lives, grief, acceptance, and disappearance when that is the only answer we get to move on with. The artist and the young girl were the same age when she disappeared, five. Her mother drove past the house she disappeared from soon after she went missing, and it left an impact. She was a little kid. Now, she could be alive. She could be dead. She could be leading a life. She is Schrodinger’s Cat—both alive and dead simultaneously.

This project has been percolating for quite some time, and now Sierra wants to put it out there and wrestle with the flashbulb memory that experience left her with. The best way to explore these questions is through writing and drama.

This project was recorded on iPhones across the country, and the actors were self-directed. For the full experience, please listen with headphones, earbuds, or a nice pair of speakers!

This project received financial support from the National Theatre School of Canada via the Art Apart program, an emergency fund for emerging artists who are affected by physical distancing due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

About the artists

Sierra is a second-year acting student studying at Studio 58’s Professional Theatre Training Program in Vancouver, B.C. In her work, she values collaboration, curiosity, and storytelling. She is an emerging multidisciplinary artist from Saskatchewan who is thrilled to be studying theatre in her favourite city in the country. Beyond the theatre, she has worked in radio, commercial, voice-over, print, and film. Her new play, The Radium Girls, co-written with Katie Abramovic, was meant to premiere in March 2020 as part of FourPlay: New Works by Excited Writers, and was previously honoured to be selected as a TED Talks New York City Residency Finalist in 2018. Sierra also has an extensive background in music, especially traditional Canadian fiddle music. She has been mentored by Juno award-winning musicians and played on stage with Grammy award winning artist Natalie McMaster. In 2016, Sierra was music director for Paper through the Globe Theatre Sandbox Series where she co-wrote an original score for the show. When she's not in rehearsals for a show, Sierra can be found behind the camera script supervising, composing on her fiddle or piano, instigating a new project, or passing on her passions by instructing students in music and drama.  



  • Sierra Haynes – Herself/ Goblin
  • Mikenzie Page -- Miranda
  • Malina Fluckiger – Mother 
  • Sabrina Banks – Voice 1
  • Katie Abramovic – Voice 2


  • Chris Haynes – Sound Engineer
  • Anton Lipovetsky – Dramaturgical Mentor