About the project

Lorena is working with a group of immigrant women of different ages doing a mask workshops and storytelling workshops as a first phase of the project that has been completed.

Inspired by the stories of 4 women from different parts of the world, Brazil, Mexico, Chad, Algeria, Afghanistan, she created 4 characters and tries to portray in image and video the 4 stories of arriving to Canada in a poetical way…

Working in outside spaces due to COVID-19, Lorena makes use of masks and costumes to introduce you to these 4 different characters.

Meet the characters:


Parking Lot



Look at Femmes d'ailleurs: (UN)D0CUM3NT3D's photo gallery below

This project received financial support from the National Theatre School of Canada via the Art Apart program, an emergency fund for emerging artists who are affected by physical distancing due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

About the artist

Lorena Trigos studied dance, singing and arts in Mexico, finishing a degree in Interior Design, specializing in set design and events design. She is a graduate from the one-year program of Visual Arts in Emily Carr University in 2011 and graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada’s Set and Costume Design program, designing The Caucasian Chalk Circle directed by Michelin Chevrier, and Electre et Oreste directed by Sebastien David.

Lorena has designed in Montreal and Mexico and worked in several theatre projects in France and South America developing an artistic and social collective called Sin Palabras, non-verbal communication, where the use mask making and theatre of the oppressed to work with different vulnerable groups. In 2016 she developed a workshop called Caminando en el vacio one-month exploration with body masks, and puppets in Mexico City with La Quinta teatro theatre company and The Other Theatre with Stacey Christoldou based in Montreal. After that in 2017 going to Paris working in Centre France Terre d’ Asile giving a workshop with young migrants and refugees from Afghanistan, Sudan, Nigeria and other countries.

She has designed for Theatre La Roulotte Les Docoulottes directed by Isabel Leblanc, Minuit for theatre Denis Peltier Salle Fred Barry directed by Lilie Bergeron, productions ondinnok, Tlakentli, directed by Yves Sioui, Theatre Lac Brome, and has been for 4 years Associate Program director for the program ARTISTA with Imago Theatre.

She is now working on a project through the DemArt program at CAM with Imago Theatre first creating-writing theatre piece using the social context and experiences she is living in her actual job at Macadam Sudas a street worker in Longueil, and the different reality of women and society just 10 minutes away from Montreal.