About the project

Becca Willow Moss is a Jewish actor, singer, writer and visual artist based in Toronto. In this piece, she explores the performativity of mourning in the context of her Jewish upbringing. Through mishigas*, Mourner’s Kaddish, mortality, and music, Shiva is inspired by Becca Willow’s one-woman show: Fried Onions.


This project received financial support from the National Theatre School of Canada via the Art Apart program, an emergency fund for emerging artists who are affected by physical distancing due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

About the artist

Becca Willow Moss is an advocate for using artistic outlets to express the emotional landscape contained within the body. As a singer, actor, writer, director, and photographer, she employs all art forms to communicate with others. Becca Willow is a classically trained soprano, having performed in North America, Europe, and Israel. After being nominated as an upcoming actor and writer on Canadian screens, sha has produced original works in Toronto, New York, and San Francisco. After graduating from university, her recent short films have brought her to festivals in New York and Los Angeles. Currently, she focuses on working with elderly members of various communities and exploring her heritage. Maintaining her mandate to tell honest stories, Becca Willow hopes her personal experiences will resonate with others.