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Dear NTS Community,

We write to you today to express our deep sadness, our anger and our outrage at the racist incidents that continue to affect the lives of too many members of our community and of our world.

Our sadness comes from knowing that this violence is not a passing moment. It is historical, reflecting systems of abusive power and oppression that impact the lives of millions of people every day.

Our anger and outrage come from the recognition that change is too slow to come. Rallies and protests across the country, throughout the United States and beyond are raising voices about ongoing injustice, but this is not the first time we are hearing these voices. The Wet’suwet’en First Nation and Idle No More among countless other movements for social change have raised voices in struggle. And yet here we are again.

We write today to express our ongoing solidarity with BIPOC students, teachers, artistic leaders, staff and community members. As a national centre for learning and artistic expression, we commit to supporting you in the ongoing struggle for justice. We commit to continuing to make space for black and POC bodies and voices on and off stage, in all forms of artistic expression. We will continue to listen and to take action in order to provide the resources and tools to help your voices rise, to support you to do what artists do best: bring our communities together to mourn, to celebrate, to process, to reflect and above all to change.

We hope that wherever you are, you are able to stay safe, healthy and whole.

We are with you in solidarity and in action.

Black Lives Matter.

-Gideon, Alisa & Fred