Student Advisor

This job offer is closed

The National Theatre School of Canada (NTS) believes in employment equity and is committed to providing a workplace that is inclusive and accessible to all. For NTS, it is imperative that the diversity of our community be reflected in our staff, who must likewise be comfortable working with and for people of all walks of life. We strongly support the right to employability and greatly encourage applications from Indigenous people, people of colour, and those of all other ethnic and cultural affiliations, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, and disability.

Student Advisor

This job offer is closed

As a global leader in theatre training, NTS is dedicated to building up communities and tearing down walls. Through a vast range of programs, it shares its extensive expertise and resources with a broad and diverse community of Canadians to ensure that the performing arts continue to play an important role in society.

The principles of excellence, engagement, and equity that are at the core of our work at NTS must be supported by a working and learning environment that values diversity, respect, safety, and professionalism.

The Student Advisor will work under the supervision of the Head of Student Services to develop, promote, and support a culture of respect and professionalism within NTS. The Student Advisor will provide services and support students in navigating the various services that are available to them, and offer counsel in situations where they may feel unsafe, are unsure of how to proceed, or are in need of guidance. They will work with internal and external bodies to resolve issues or challenges, contribute to the creation of policies that support equity, diversity, and inclusion, as well as act as a facilitator between NTS and students, pedagogical programs, and student associations. The Student Advisor will play a key role in the School’s community as a student development specialist and primary point person on questions related to safety and overall student wellness.

Job Description

The Challenges

As a member of our team, the successful candidate will:

  • Provide support through a variety of tasks related to the various aspects of the School’s day-to-day activities;
  • Participate in the School’s ongoing evolution and be involved in the implementation of new and innovative processes;
  • Contribute to maintaining frank and open communication that promotes team cohesion and efficiency;
  • Participate in our team’s efforts to create an inclusive and caring professional environment;
  • Share the view that theatre brings people together and allows them to imagine, think, and feel collectively.
      • Provide support, resources, advice, and options to students to help ensure a safe and healthy learning environment;
      • Meet and work with students, and refer them to additional or alternative resources both within and external to NTS, as needed;
      • Assist with internal and external enquiries, complaint processes, or mediation;
      • Provide facilitation and resolution of inquiries and concerns to ensure a respectful work and learning environment;
      • Promote cultural development by identifying the trends, patterns, and diverse needs of the School’s communities;
      • Ensure that safe practices are implemented throughout the School through consultation with students, coaches and teachers on issues pertaining to professionalism, respectful work and learning environments;
      • Perform work in an objective, informed, empathic, and confidential manner with all students, staff, faculty as well as internal and external stakeholders;
      • Prioritize the safety and well-being of students, handles their concerns with sensitivity, and provide appropriate referrals as needed.
      • Oversee the maintenance of records and prepares statistical summary reports;
      • Support Student Services by performing various administrative tasks;
      • Assume other related tasks and responsibilities, as required.
        • Bilingual in English and French, spoken and written;

        • Strong communicator, with excellent writing and analytical skills

        • Able to tailor communication styles to diverse stakeholders;

        • Experience and ease working directly with and for a diverse group of people, including but not limited to those of different ethnic and cultural affiliations, gender expressions, and sexual orientations;

        • The ability to think and act quickly in response to student needs, questions, and feedback, an asset.

        • Undergraduate degree in a related discipline;

        • Demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills in mediation or other approaches to conflict resolution;

        • Familiarity with an educational setting;

        • Proven intercultural competencies and an ability to effectively communicate and interact with members from diverse communities;

        • High emotional intelligence, sound judgment, and maturity;

        • Ability to manage and prioritize a significant caseload and competing deadlines in a fast paced and constantly evolving environment;

        • Strongly team-orientated and commitment to continuous learning;

        • Working knowledge of IT tools, in particular Office 365;

        • Capable of developing a strong network of resources within a school and community setting;

        • Working experience with a clientele between 19 and 25 years of age, an asset;

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        This job offer is closed

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