We came from dust

The day the power went out, I was late for work.

The day the power went out, I started filming.

The story begins in the not-too-distant future. A solar storm has knocked out power all across the world. As things get tougher in the cities, ten people decide that they will be safer starting over, together, in the woods. For a little while everything is alright, but eventually the idyllic new home and its inhabitants are tested in every way, and each of them must find a way to move forward.

The day the power went out, songs and stories were all we had left.

About the show

The graduating students in Acting, Production Design & Technical Arts, and Set & Costume Design have been working with director Maiko Yamamoto for two years to create this new collective piece.

Largely influenced by speculative future narratives from contemporary culture, along with personal stories and imagery, We came from dust is a deep dive forward in time, set against a backdrop of the mysterious, powerful forests of the Pacific Northwest coast.

Video Design

The video projections in We came from dust play a crucial role in understanding the story, since they bring to life the forrest where all the characters live.

Watch the following video and discover the creative process behind the video design, with Samuel Boucher (Production Design and Technical Arts 3, Paris).

Watch the video!


  • Preview: October 15, 2018 at 7:30pm
  • October 16, 2018 at 7:30pm
  • October 17, 2018 at 7:30pm *talk back*
  • October 18, 2018 at 7:30pm
  • October 19, 2018 at 7:30pm
  • October 20, 2018 at 3pm


1182, St-Laurent Blvd.


  • The show is closed!

and then make an online donation or deposit the amount of your choice in the identified boxes after the show.

Meet the team

On Wednesday, October 17 and on Friday, October 19, after the performance, a talk back will be held with actors and members of the design and production team. 



Graduating students in Acting 

  • Jesse Lapointe
  • Nan Chen
  • Kajsa Wood
  • Nathaniel Hanula-James
  • Evelyn Wiebe
  • Sophie Dube
  • Tara Sky
  • Chloe Giddings
  • Benjamin Thomas
  • Rochelle Laplante


    • Set and Costume Designer: Hannah Fisher SCD3
    • Set, Prop and Costume Assistant: Christos Darlasis SCD3
    • Lighting Designer: MacKenzie Emerick PT3
    • Video Designer: Samuel Boucher PT3
    • Assistant Sound Designer: Gloria Mok PT3
    • Dramaturge: Jacob Margaret Archer PW3
    • Production Manager: Eryn Griffith ART
    • Technical Director: Pedro Melão Ferreira PT3
    • Stage Manager: Claire Bourdin PT3


    • Sound Designer: Antoine Bédard


  • Head Carpenter: Paige Prystupa PT2
  • Assistant Technical Director: Zach Fedora PT2
  • 2nd Assistant Technical Director: Michael Wanless PT2
  • Production Assistant: Brenda Vaca PT1
  • Assistant Stage Manager 1: Leslie Hernandez PT2
  • Assistant Stage Manager 2: Ava Bishop PT1
  • Head of Sound: Patrick Fitzsimmons PT2
  • Head of LX: Katherine Kellner PT2
  • Head of Video: Ryan Wilcox PT2
  • Sound Assistant: Aurora Torok PT1
  • Video Assistant : Tiffany Ledesma PT1
  • Lighting Assistant: Hailey Verbonac PT1
  • TD Assistant: Brianna Unger PT1
  • Crew/PA: Caitlin Farley PT1, Brendan Agnew PT1

A3 Third year Acting graduating students, SCD3 Third year Set and Costume Design graduating students, PT3 Third year Production Design and Technical Arts graduating students, PW3 Third year Playwriting graduating students, SCD2 Second year Set and Costume Design students, PT2 Second year Production Design and Technical Arts students, PT1 First year Production Design and Technical Arts students, ART Artistic Residence in training


  • Production Management: Andrea Lundy
  • Set and Costume Design: Cathia Pagotto
  • Lighting Design: Glenn Davidson
  • Technical Director: Dave Surette
  • Stage Management: Melanie St. Jacques
  • Sound Design: Antoine Bédard
  • Video Design: Amelia Scott
  • Fight: Anita Nittoly


*poster design by Hannah Fisher and Christos Darlasis (graduating students in Set and Costume Design)

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