ahdri zhina mandiela - Teaching artist in Playwriting

Jamaica born and Toronto based ahdri zhina mandiela is the Founder and past Artistic Director of b current Performing Arts, and is best known as a performance poet and theatre director. In addition to two books of poetry published by Sister Vision Press — Speshal Rikwes (1985), and dark diaspora…in dub (1991) — her who knew grannie: a dub aria was published in 2012 by Playwrights Canada Press, and other writings makes occasional appearances in several anthologies of contemporary Canadian writers since the 80’s. She’s recorded two cassettes: first and last, barefoot & black, and a 17-track CD, step/into my head on her bushooman rag label.

Her seminal documentary film: on/black/stage/women has played festivals worldwide and broadcasted on TV. Directing credits include: The Dream Catchers (2017), diaspora Dub (2016), Obeah Opera (2012), Radiance (2010), who knew grannie: a dub aria (2010), Wise.Woman (2009), dark diaspora... in dub (2009), Scratch (2008), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2007 & 2008), Fallen Angel & the Devil Concubine (2006), Cast Iron (2005), Two Can Play (2005), Stuck (2002). Current projects: developing fly with Factory Theatre, black stage canada media series, and the multi-art my world.a village project.

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