Teaching artists - Playwriting

École nationale de théâtre
Photo: Maxime Côté

Our teaching artists

Our students are taught and mentored by working professional artists who have their finger on the pulse of the artistic community. They share a wealth of theatre experience from across Canada and around the world. NTS has an overall ratio of two instructors per student. Our group of teaching artists varies each year according to student needs.

Artists who mentor our students

  • Arianna Bardesono
  • Marie Barlizo
  • Christian Barry
  • Anthony Black
  • Nick Carpenter
  • Andrea Donaldson
  • Sarah Elkashef
  • Diane Flacks
  • Dean Patrick Fleming
  • Zach Fraser
  • Jonathan Garfinkel
  • Mel Hague
  • Rebecca Harper
  • Kate Hennig
  • Eric Micha Holmes
  • Anosh Irani
  • Jani Lauzon
  • Ann-Marie MacDonald
  • Jackie Maxwell
  • ahdri zhina mandiela
  • Yvette Nolan
  • Alisa Palmer
  • Rose Plotek
  • Douglas Price
  • Andrea Romaldi
  • Erin Shields
  • Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
  • Jordan Tannahill
  • Bobby Theodore
  • Bob White
  • Willow White
  • Susan Williams
  • Maiko Bae Yamamoto
  • Marcus Youssef