Artistic Residencies

NTS is proud to welcome professional artists into its midst to support them on their artistic journey.

Training opportunities are designed to support the development of each individual resident and are created in conjunction with the artist, and the Artistic and Program Directors of both sections. The journey at NTS includes exposure to a wide variety of disciplines, theatrical forms, teachers and coaches. The residencies can culminate in individual projects that will live beyond the artist’s time at NTS. Residents come from across Canada, and beyond.

Artistic Leadership Residencies

An eighteen month, part-time residency for emerging artistic leaders who are working to become Artistic Directors of performing arts organizations. In partnership with the Banff Centre Cultural Leadership Program

This residency is made possible through the support of the BMO.

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Indigenous Artists in Residence

This two-year program is a responsive and flexible training opportunity offered to established Indigenous artists. Training across all the School’s core programs is possible, with curriculum determined by the resident artist in concert with the teachers and leaders at NTS. The residency culminates in the development of the artist’s own artistic project.

This residency is made possible through the support of The Cole FoundationThe Conseil des arts de Montréal and Caisse de la Culture.

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Jenepher Margaret Hooper Design Residencies

Short-term Coaching Residencies for emerging designers and Long-term Design Residencies for artists with 5-10 years of experience. Design residents are selected by the Program Director.

This residency is possible thanks to a major gift from the estate of Jenepher Margaret Hooper (Set and Costume Design, 1967).

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Independent Study

Cherissa Richards - Independent Study
Cherissa Richards - Independent Study

This flexible Residency Program is created to respond to specific artistic needs of the participating director. It will be designed in partnership with and shaped by the participating artist with the support of the Director of the Directing Program.

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Mel Hague

'' It’s great to be in a program where the end goal is to develop myself as a leader. It allows me to do things for myself like figure out how to speak publicly about art and other artists, and how to create systems, or take systems that are broken for a variety of reasons and take what is good out of it.''

Mel Hague Metcalf Foundation Ontario Artistic Leadership Residency, 2019

Jimmy Blais

''As an Indigenous artist-in-residence at NTS, I am learning a lot about myself. I have time to reflect on my art, my work, how I approach things, but I am really actually just learning my own voice. And to be able to give myself the time to do what is really valuable. There is a tremendous amount of resources that are here, whether in the form of a space, teachers or mentors, or other students offering their opinions and views on things.''

- Jimmy Blais, Indigenous Artist in Residency, 2019, Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, supported by Conseil des arts de Montréal

Kim Senklip Harvey

''I applied because I want to build my capacity as a leader, so whenever this shift happens again, whenever the next opportunity would present itself, there would be no reason why I wouldn’t be a candidate to assume those positions.'' 

- Kim Senklip Harvey, Birks Family Foundation Artistic Leadership Residency, 2019

Carlos Rivera Martìnez

''Theatre and dance and music have always been in Indigenous communities. So to be able to get the skills and to be able to do it, using contemporary language, is really important, and to share with all the cultures what we are coming from, and to see the potential of the stories, all stories, our stories.''

- Carlos Rivera Martìnez, Indigenous Artist in Residence, 2018, Mexico, of Nahua and Mixteco descent, supported by Cole Foundation


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