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Written by Jena McLean and directed by Andrew Kushnir.

Presented online: May 20th to June 2nd

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About the author

Jena McLean (Playwriting 3, Fredericton, NB) is a queer playwright with roots in New Brunswick and Alberta. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Drama studies from Mount Allison University. Her plays include: An Ocean of Evergreens (digital reading with Theatre New Brunswick, direction by Yvette Nolan), Until Tenth Grade (digital reading with Geordie Theatre, direction by Dean Fleming), Missing Her Mother, A Canyon Contained (reading with Notable Acts Theatre Festival), The Freeze-Dried Groom, Paradoxes (commissioned and produced by Mount Allison University), and I Am (produced by Notable Acts Theatre Festival). Jena’s work is focused on exploring life’s grey areas, personalizing the political, as well as allowing people to feel seen in theatre. She is driven to create work that is rich with complex roles for queer folks and young women alike.

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Mara Teare A3

(Saskatoon, SK)

The Playwright, Rebecca


Hilary Wheeler A3

(Victoria, BC)

Megan, Aaliyah, Vivian, Min


isi bhakhomen A3

(Toronto, ON)

Bowie, Alex, Danielle


Isabel Fuentes A3

(Santiago, Chile / Ottawa, ON)

Sofia, Julia, Hannah


Kaeleb Gartner A3

(Redwoods Meadows, AB)

Jacob, Quinton


Justin Eddy A3

(London, ON)

Keenan, Chris


Mohammed Ahmed A3

(Edmonton, AB)

The Lover, Guys 1-5, Redacted, Victor




Jena McLean PW3

(Fredericton, NB)


Set Designer

Maryanna Chan SCD3

(Saskatoon, SK)


Lighting Designer

Tiffany Ledesma PDTA3

(Toronto, ON)


Sound Designer

Caitlin Farley PDTA3

(Wetaskiwin, AB)


Video Designer

Hailey Verbonac PDTA3

(Inuvik, NT)


Production Manager

Brendan Agnew PDTA3

(Vancouver, BC)


Technical Director

Aurora Torok PDTA3

(Oakville, ON)

Stage Manager

Brianna Unger PDTA3

(Ajax, ON)



Assistant to the Set Designer

Vivienne Angélique Worotnik SCD2

(Hamburg, Germany)


Assistant to the Costume Designer

Sarah ChabrierSCD2

(Villemomble, France)


Assistant Technical Director and Head Carpenter

Marshall Kidd PDTA2

(Quispamsis, NB)


Assistant Stage Manager

Caroline Nowacki PDTA1

(Montreal, QC)


Head Electrician

Drew Lyall PDTA2

(Kimberly, BC)


Head of Sound

Aidan Sparks PDTA2

(Salmon Arm, BC)


Head of Video

Mitch Labrosse PDTA2

(Ottawa, ON)


Fly Operator/Crew

Andrea McMillan PDTA1

(Châteauguay, QC)


Lighting Assistant/Crew

Zachary Weibel PDTA1

(Renton, WA, USA)


Sound Assistant/Crew

Anthony Allan PDTA1

(Burlington, ON)


Video Assistant/Crew

Charlotte Baker PDTA1

(Waterloo, ON)


Costume Designer

Hannah Fisher (Set and Costume Design, 2019)




Head of Wardrobe

Audrey Lee



Philippe Lemieux



Lisange Boulais



Sonya Vallis


Wardrobe Apprentice

Ximena Pinilla

(Set and Costume Design, 2020)


Poster Design by Maryanna ChanSCDC2 (Saskatoon, SK), Isabel FuentesA3((Santiago, Chile / Ottawa, ON), and Anna MorrealeA3 (Hamilton, ON)



Heather-Ellen Strain


Dramaturgy: Nick Carpenter, Movement: Rebecca Harper, Assistant Movement Teacher: Shauna Thompson, Voice: Laurel Thomson, Music: Floydd Ricketts, Set Design: Eo Sharp, Costume Design: Jessica Poirier-Chang, Head of Props: Angela Rassenti, Lighting Design: Jason Hand, Sound Design: Brian Kenny, Video Design: Haui J Davis, Production Management: Andrea Lundy, General Management: Kathryn Westoll, Stage Management: Maria Popoff, Technical Direction: Terri Gillis, Scenic Painting: Véronique Pagnoux, Head of Carpentry: Guillaume Simard, Master Carpenter: Christian Larochelle, Technical Supervision: Marjorie Lefebvre, Stage Carpenter: Jérémie Bérubé, Head of Lighting: Francis Hamel, Hair and Wig Consultant: Sarah Tremblay, Makeup Consultant: Gabrielle Brulotte, Breakdown Consultant: Caroline Gauthier

Read Some Excerpts Chosen by the Author

''Despite my fondness for the dramatic form, it always falls short for me. And maybe it can’t
deal with any topic, but that feels especially true when it comes to love.''

''What if it’s a great love? What if it’s the beginning of some beautiful story and you’re too
scared to open the book?''

''We do theatre to jump then fall.” “We do theatre to catch each other. To be with each other.''

''Theatre is about watching our lives on stage together.'' ''It’s about building something from
the ground up together.''

Listen to the Songs Which Inspired the Author

Listen the complete playlist that inspired the author Jena McLean (Playwriting 3, Fredericton, NB)

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Presented online: May 20 to June 2nd


Recorded at the Ludger-Duvernay Theatre of the Monument-National campus

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