Saturday, March 2, from 6pm to midnight
At Monument-National
Open to all

Lost Food Table : An immersive theatrical experience engaging all the senses 

What if, for one night, we allowed you to rediscover that childhood dish your grandmother used to cook for you? Or that item from the menu of your favorite restaurant that closed its doors during the pandemic? On March 2nd, take a seat at the table of a grand banquet where all these lost dishes will be told and represented. You can also add your own story to the installation! 

For this edition of Nuit blanche, the Monument-National will transform into a magical place where lost culinary memories come back to life. An unusual banquet will open to all for a surprising participative sensory experience. This ephemeral and timeless place will be dedicated to rediscovering the flavors of the past, from childhood dishes prepared by grandmothers to the vanished delights of our once-favorite restaurants. 

The event will unfold around a long table, offering visitors the opportunity to stroll, sit, and immerse themselves in nearly a hundred testimonials and stories of lost dishes. Actor-performers, evolving in this mysterious and flamboyant theatrical space, will interact with you, telling you moving stories and surprising you throughout the evening. 

Story gatherers will also be present to archive your testimonials and memories in video, audio, and written form. These stories captured before and during the evening will serve as raw material to feed the installation and create a captivating auditory and visual journey. 

The evening promises to be a celebration where everyone will have the opportunity to add their own story to something greater, making this unusual banquet a place where dreams, memory, and culinary fantasies intertwine.



Saturday, February 25
- 6 pm to midnight
Walking Tour (+bar service)

At Monument-National
1182 Saint-Laurent, Montreal

What to Expect:
 A long table surrounded by testimonials and stories of lost dishes.
 Performer-actors sharing touching stories and surprises.
 Story collectors capturing your memories.
 Your chance to contribute to a captivating auditory and visual journey.

• Immerse yourself in the magic of a timeless ephemeral space.
• Wander, sit, and share your own culinary tales.
• Witness performers bringing stories to life.
• Become a part of something greater by adding your own story to the collective experience.

Snacks, beverages, mocktails and signature cocktails served on site!

Nuit blanche events at the Monument-National 

Located downtown in the Quartier des Spectacles, the Monument-National offers various spaces to the public for White Night in an ultra-festive atmosphere. The quality of the programming, the warmth of the welcome, and the ideal location of the Monument-National make it a preferred destination for participants of White Night. 

The Monument-National is the oldest functioning Quebecois theater today. Since the late 19th century, inhabited by the Yiddish community, the Monument-National then became a meeting place for the most prominent Francophone Quebec feminists who fought for women's voting rights. The Monument-National stands as a remarkable historical site for creation, exchange, and dissemination. That's why storytelling and stories are always at the heart of our White Nights!"

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