The Hidden Considerations of Sound in Theatre by Debashis Sinha

Debashis Sinha’s masterclass in sound design looks at the totality of the sound designer’s world, the ephemeral elements of the design process that often are overlooked or elided in the visceral rush of executing a sound design for a stage production. The skill and practice of listening, architecture, collaboration, the importance of questions are addressed and considered in a series of videos that invite the viewer to expand their notion of best practices around sound design in theatre. Is sound design simply content creation and (sound) system design? Sinha holds that it is not - it is a cross-sectional collaborative process, and in this series of short videos he extensively probes at the outlying considerations at play to make an engaged design that allows the storytelling of the content to be realized fully. Additional thoughts are explored in a conversation with acclaimed Berlin based theatre designer and electronic musician Robert Lippok, whose work has been seen and heard on many of Germany’s premiere theatres (as well as nameless squats and basements in east Berlin before the fall of the Wall). In this masterclass, Sinha uncovers ideas and issues, questions and strategies that benefit theatre practitioners of all backgrounds.

  • A series of 13 videos that participants can follow on their own time
  • Available below until June 30, 2020

Debashis Sinha

A stalwart and consistent presence in the Canadian sound world, Debashis Sinha has realized projects in in radiophonic art, sound art, theatre, dance, and music across Canada and internationally. A winner of 2 Dora Awards for Best Original Sound Design, his credits include work at: The Stratford Festival, Soulpepper Theatre, The Shaw Festival, Why Not Theatre, The Barbican Centre, Peggy Baker Dance Projects, The Theatre Centre, Nightwood Theatre, YPT, Theatre Passe Muraille, Project Humanity, Volcano Theatre and Necessary Angel, among others. His live sound practice on the concert stage has led to appearances at sound art and electronic music festivals around the world.

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