Brewing Ideas on Scenic Space

By Arianna Bardesono, a class given as part of #ArtApart 

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Brewing Ideas on Scenic Space: The Director’s process leading up to meeting the Set Designer

With this masterclass you will enter the creative process of a Director dreaming up the scenic space of a theatre show.  From the first intuitions and personal response after reading a script, through a guided investigation into the dramatic material, until gathering your findings at the eve of meeting the Set Designer.

What is the universe of a play? What is beating at its core? How do you explode a 2-dimensional text into a 3D space for actors to play in? How do you push beyond naturalism? What game are you going to play with your audience? How do you work with the specificity of the theatre space you are in? How can you guide/collaborate/thrive in the relationship with your Set Designer? What do you need to bring to that table?

Soaring over important theory and delving into practical exercises, Arianna Bardesono will lead you along the 6 steps of her directorial process. Pick your play and come along, diving into one of the pleasures of directing: dreaming up a world that does not yet exist!

The classes will be shared as pre-recorded videos, one each week over the course of 6 weeks. A live Zoom session follows the class a few days later for a Q&A with the teaching artist.    

  • Class: June 1 / Q&A session: June 5, 1-2pm
  • Class: June 8 / Q&A session: June 12, 1-2pm
  • Class: June 15 / Q&A session: June 19, 1-2pm
  • Class: June 22 / Q&A session: June 26, 1-2pm
  • Class: June 29 / Q&A session: July 3, 1-2pm
  • Class: July 6 / Q&A session: July 10, 1-2pm
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Arianna Bardesono

Arianna is a director and theatre maker raised in Italy, based in Montreal. As a director, she has worked for various Montreal companies (Repercussion, Teesri Duniya, Infinitheatre, Théâtre du Quat’Sous, Talisman, Imago and Geordie). As a creator, Arianna pushes the boundaries of her own practice, following her curiosity and creating original work committed to innovation both in form and content. Her last work, Les Voisines, is an audio walk involving the Hasidic community of Montreal. She has been a resident artist at the Stella Adler School of Acting in NYC, as well as at La ToHu in Montreal, working with circus artists and dancers. Since 2011, Arianna has been a mentor and teacher at the National Theatre School of Canada where in 2016/17 she was interim Associate Director of the Directing Program. In 2013, Arianna was awarded the John Hirsch Prize for emerging theatre directors with great potential.

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