I Got My Life Back!

Written by Sarah Currie and directed by Arianna Bardesono

Presented online: May 20 to June 2nd

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About the Author

Sarah Currie (Playwriting 3, Whitby, ON) is a playwright oscillating wildly between Peterborough, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec. She finished her undergraduate degree at Queen’s University in 2018, after completing residencies at several Kingston theatre companies (Queen’s Students on Broadway, The Imaginary Theatre Company, Blue Canoe). Currie’s writing focuses on shielding trauma with humour, as evidenced through her continued work at The National Theatre School of Canada, of which she will be graduating in 2021. She currently lives in Montreal, with her boyfriend, and their tiny rubber dinosaur lamp that changes colours when you hit it.

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Grace Vukovic A3

(Vancouver, BC)



Romi Shraiter A3

(Toronto, ON/ Tel Aviv- Yafo, Israel)

Jenni, Mackenzie, Nancy


Callan Potter A3

(Stratford, ON)

Dean, John, Bill


Anna Morreale A3

(Hamilton, ON)

Beau, Uber Driver


Annie Rutherford A3

(Toronto, ON)



Dylan Thomas-Bouchier A3

(Fort McKay, AB)



Sarah Currie PW3

(Peterborough, ON)

Voice #1





Sarah Currie PW3

(Peterborough, ON)


Set Designer

Mayumi Ide-Bergeron SCD3

(Montreal, QC)


Costume Designer

Jung A Im SCD3

(Seoul, South Korea)


Lighting Designer

Tiffany Ledesma PDTA3

(Toronto, ON)


Sound Designer

Caitlin Farley PDTA3

(Wetaskiwin, AB)


Video Designer

Hailey Verbonac PDTA3

(Inuvik, NT)


Production Manager

Brendan Agnew PDTA3

(Vancouver, BC)


Technical Director

Aurora Torok PDTA3

(Oakville, ON)


Stage Manager

Ava Bishop PDTA2

(Calgary, AB)




Assistant to the Set Designer

Vivienne Angélique Worotnik SCD2

(Hamburg, Germany)


Assistant Technical Director and Head Carpenter

Marshall Kidd PDTA2

(Quispamsis, NB)


Assistant Stage Manager

Jordana Natale PDTA1

(Orangeville, ON)


Head Electrician

Drew Lyall PDTA2

(Kimberly, BC)


Head of Sound

Aidan Sparks PDTA2

(Salmon Arm, BC)


Head of Video

Mitch Labrosse PDTA2

(Ottawa, ON)


Fly Operator/Crew

Andrea McMillan PDTA1

(Châteauguay, QC)


Lighting Assistant/Crew

Zachary Weibel PDTA1

(Renton, WA, USA)


Sound Assistant/Crew

Anthony Allan PDTA1

(Burlington, ON)


Video Assistant/Crew

Charlotte Baker PDTA1

(Waterloo, ON)



Head of Wardrobe

Audrey Lee



Mélanie Richard



Lisange Boulais



Sonya Vallis


Wardrobe Apprentice

Ximena Pinilla

(Set and Costume Design, 2020)


Poster Design by Maryanna ChanSCDC2 (Saskatoon, SK), Isabel FuentesA3((Santiago, Chile / Ottawa, ON), and Anna MorrealeA3 (Hamilton, ON)



Margarita Brodie and Heather-Ellen Strain


Dramaturgy: Sarah Elkashef, Movement: Rebecca Harper, Assistant Movement Teacher: Shauna Thompson, Voice: Laurel Thomson, Music: Floydd Ricketts, Set Design: Eo Sharp, Costume Design: Jessica Poirier-Chang, Head of Props: Angela Rassenti, Lighting Design: Jason Hand, Sound Design: Brian Kenny, Video Design: Haui J Davis, Production Management: Andrea Lundy, General Management: Kathryn Westoll, Stage Management: Maria Popoff, Technical Direction: Terri Gillis, Scenic Painting: Véronique Pagnoux, Head of Carpentry: Guillaume Simard, Master Carpenter: Christian Larochelle, Technical Supervision: Marjorie Lefebvre, Stage Carpenter: Jérémie Bérubé, Head of Lighting: Francis Hamel, Hair and Wig Consultant: Sarah Tremblay, Makeup Consultant: Gabrielle Brulotte, Breakdown Consultant: Caroline Gauthier

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Streaming continuously from May 20th to June 2nd


Recorded at the Ludger-Duvernay Theatre - Monument-National Campus


Presented online: May 20 to June 2nd

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