Teaching artists - Production Design & Technical Arts

École nationale de théâtre
Photo: Maxime Côté

Our teaching artists

Our students are taught and mentored by working professional artists who have their finger on the pulse of the artistic community. They share a wealth of theatre experience from across Canada and around the world. NTS has an overall ratio of two instructors per student. Our group of teaching artists varies each year according to student needs.

Artists who mentor our students

Rick Banville
Arianna Bardesono
Marie-Leofeli Barlizo
Daniel Bennett
Nick Bottomley
Audrey-Anne Bouchard
Chris Carlton
Nick Carpenter
Paul Chambers
Autumn Coppaway
Deanna Choi
Cameron Davis
Rob Denton
Noah Feaver
Richard Feren
Matt Flawn
Dean Fleming
Rachel Forbes
Anne-Sara Gendron
Terri Gillis
Jason Hand
Martin Jones
Brian Kenny
Kaileigh Krysztofiak
Crystal Laffoley
Danielle Laurin
Tiffany Ledesma
Marjorie Lefebvre
Jeanne Lesage
Andrea Lundy
Peter Lyne
Jesse MacMillan
Anita Nittoly
Maria Popoff
Douglas Price
Craig Putt
Michelle Ramsay
Neha Ross
Amelia Scott
Marieke Séguin
Janet Sellery
Guillaume Simard
Troy Slocum
Melanie St. Jacques
Dave Surette
Jill Thomson
Theresa Tsang
Lee Tucker
Caroline Turcot
Diana Uribe
Leigh Ann Vardy
Matthew Waddell
Laura Warren
Kathryn Westoll
Matt White

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