Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of thirteen members, elected by the members of the corporation at the School’s Annual General Meeting.

Patron and Board of Directors

Board Executive
  • Co-Chair
    Terrie-Lynne Devonish, ON, General Counsel, Staples Canada 

  • Co-Chair
    Maxime Gagné, QC, Partner, St. Lawrence Law Firm LLP

  • Treasurer
    Anne-Marie Ethier, QC

  • Corporate secretary
    Colin JacksonAB, Founder of Prairie Theatre Exchange

  • Line Beauchamp, QC, Conseillère stratégique

  • Shawn Cohen, ON, Institutional Director Schroders

  • Ira Gluskin, ON, Asset Management Executive 

  • Jeffery Hewitt, ON, Assistant Professor, Windsor University, Faculty of Law

  • Camilla Holland, MBExecutive Director, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

  • Teresa Marques, ON, President & CEO, Rideau Hall Foundation 

  • Jill L. MatusON, FRSC, Professor Emerita, Department of English, University of Toronto
  • Mani Soleymanlou, QC, Artistic Director

Past Presidents of the Board
  • Bernard Amyot, Ad. E., QC
  • Tullio Cedraschi, QC
  • Alberta G. Cefis, ON
  • Edward Johnson, QC
  • Yvon Turcot, QC
  • Jodi White, ON
Life Governors
  • Herbert C. Auerbach, BC
  • Jean Pol Britte
  • Richard Brott
  • Alberta G. Cefis, ON
  • Yvon Turcot, QC
  • Kathryn Brownlie, ON
  • David J. Daniels, ON
  • Gil Desautels, QC
  • Simon Dupéré, QC
  • Kaaren Hawkins, MB
  • Brenda Jones Kinsella, BC
  • D’Arcy Levesque, AB
  • Myriane Le François, QC
  • Sheila Martin, QC
  • Margaret Martinello Magner, PEI
  • Patricia M. Moore, AB
  • Marissa Nuss, QC
  • Joan Richardson, MB
  • Eleanore Romanow, SK
  • Nalini Stewart, ON

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