Alexandra Lord (Set and Costume Design, 2015, Toronto) is making sartorial dreams come true in an eco-friendly way and showing us that theatre skills are life skills.

Alexandra decided to use her micro-grant to expand a project she started while she was studying at NTS. First, she invited people online to organize their closet into three categories: clothes that are worn out, clothes that you always wear and clothes you never wear. Everyone who participated was entered into a draw to win a custom piece of clothing.

Toronto-based actor and playwright Kanika Ambrose was selected as the winner. She won a free wardrobe consultation, where Alexandra suggested new ways to style the clothes that Kanika never wears, based on Kanika’s style and preferences. The items where this didn’t seem possible, they set aside as potential materials for a repurposed piece.

Then, Alexandra and her assistant Beatriz Arevalo got to work. They created a pattern from Kanika’s favourite blouse, using the floral fabric from a dress that didn’t fit well. The shell buttons under the necktie and on the sleeves were salvaged from another blouse that was never worn.

For the final look, the brand-new repurposed blouse was paired with a handmade skirt from Kanika’s mom and some funky flower earrings.

And so, a piece of clothing that was never worn becomes a new favourite piece!

“The design skills for theatre that the school teaches can be applied in a wide range of ways to a variety of projects. I am particularly interested in how the sustainable practices that we often use in theatre can be applied to our daily lives.”
-Alexandra Lord (Set and Costume Design, 2015, Toronto)

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Photographer and assistant to Alexandra: Beatriz Arevalo