Teaching artists - Set and Costume Design

Our teaching artists

Our students are taught and mentored by working professional artists who have their finger on the pulse of the artistic community. They share a wealth of theatre experience from across Canada and around the world. NTS has an overall ratio of two instructors per student. Our group of teaching artists varies each year according to student needs.

Artists who mentor our students

Quincy Armorer
Josée Bergeron-Proulx
Chloé Bertrand-Giroux
Josée Boisvert
Margarita Brodie
Linda Brunelle
Patrice Charbonneau-Brunelle
Micheline Chevrier
Florence Cornet
Erica Croft
Elen Ewing
Hannah Fisher
Réjean Forget
Zach Fraser
Gillian Gallow
Odile Gamache
Michael Gianfrancesco
Xavier Huard
Stéphanie Jasmin
Louise Jobin
Loïc Lacroix Hoy
James Lavoie
Marjorie Lefebvre
Danièle Lévesque
Lino Le Brun
Pierre-Étienne Locas
Stéphane Longpré
Xavier Mary
Philippe Massé
Anne-Marie Matteau
Véronique Pagnoux
Cathia Pagotto
Anne-Séguin Poirier
Luc Prairie
Angela Ressenti
Guillaume Simard
Michael Slack
Cynthia St-Gelais
Marianne Thériault
Jill Thomson
Gabriel Tsampalieros
François Vincent

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