Witty Fools is an acting podcast created by Megan Murphy for endlessly curious artists with an intellectual bent. Through monologue and interviews, Megan explores a variety of theatre-related topics, varying from a SparkNotes  history of theatre, to science and art, to what they’ve learned at theatre school. They’ll ask the big dumb questions so you don’t have to. 


Megan Murphy is a 20-year-old non-binary Canadian actor, writer, singer and artist from Fredericton, New Brunswick (with proud family ties to Newfoundland). Megan hopes to act in television, film, voice-over and theatre. They are passionate about vibrant new work as well as timeless classical tales. A lover of history, comedy, film and art, it is her dream to inhabit characters of all types—all genders, backgrounds and stories. Megan is a curious, ambitious, and dedicated young artist, with a bright & brilliant future. also dreams of writing, producing and directing their own work in the company of fellow artists and the friends they make along the way. Find them online at meganlilianmurphy.com and on Instagram at @meganmurphz and @meganmurphyart.