This project is primarily designed to allow youth in all disciplines, of all sexual orientations and interests, to have a safe place to express themselves and be part of a Yukon-wide community. All workshops and skills learned are transferable to any future job that youth may apply for. This proposal will also share how community engagement can promote healthy living and lifestyles. The project is entertainment, education, Yukon-wide engagement community support and above all, a unique voice for youth. Youth guests who take part in the project will learn how to broadcast, live-cast, podcast, and gain confidence of who they are at any stage of their life.


Katherine Kellner is a Montreal-based lighting designer and director. Through contrast, colour and texture, her goal in design is to always tell the most authentic story possible. She is inspired by the work of Michel Tremblay, Susan Benson, Norval Morrisseau and Marc Chagall.


Behind the scenes, she is passionate about Canadian class structure, human behaviour, the evolving use of language, and the impacts of technological innovation. Prior to NTS, she studied linguistics and English theatre at McGill University. She has eight years of experience in the performance industry (dance, theatre and film) and has worked as a designer, technician and manager. She brings energy, enthusiasm and efficiency to all projects.