Papeça is a solo created and performed by Cha Raoutenfeld and designed with Mathilde Boudreau, Ophélie Lacasse, Margot Lacoste, Annie Préfontaine, Morena Prats, Flavie Lemée and other collaborators to be confirmed.  

Papeça follows the hurried evolution of the Créature character in the discovery of their femininity, their sexuality and their double identity. Over a period of about ten years, between Russia and Quebec, in front of the mirror in their classical ballet class, always between dream and reality, Créature delivers a fight that’s already lost. Créature is at the mercy of the outside world and is quickly overcome by other bodies and voices. To survive, Créature transforms and, through performative and physical moments of trance, tries to expulse what overwhelms and constrains them.

Cha Raoutenfeld biography (Ontario)

Cha Raoutenfeld (they) is a queer transdisciplinary artist. As a performer, creator and interpreter, they flourish in the margins, while deconstructing and reconsidering dominant frameworks. 
Cha is of Slavic and Quebecois origin. Their process and trajectory are anchored in their double identity and in their avid interest in a diverse range of influences and practices. In 2016, they undertook a nine-month multidisciplinary internship in Minsk, Belarus. Then, in 2019, they took part as a performer in the dance-theatre show Sept (directed by Sergei Zemlyansky) presented in Moscow. In summer 2022, they undertook a performance internship organized by the Italian company OHT in the Alps.  
As a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada in 2021 and passionate about interdisciplinary creation, Cha joined Brigitte Poupart’s company Transthéâtre as an intern. In 2023, they made their entrance with the Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui as an artist in residence in order to present a performative trilogy.