Description of the project

Co-founders of the collective Les Petites Géantes, Marie-Ève Bérubé* and Andréanne Daigle are two actresses who are passionate about creation for young audiences.

Versatile and sensitive, their researches focuses on the subtle marvels that embellish everyday life.

The mandate of Les Petites Géantes is to create theater for young people and those around them. The child's view of the world, when everything is a discovery, welcoming the new and unknown, is the subject of our fascination and the driving force behind our creative process.
Combining different expressive forms, the shows aim to stimulate all the senses. They have at heart the democratization of the living arts, especially for young children. Beauty and gentleness are for them a way to reach out to young and old alike, making them want to continue their discovery of the theatrical universe.

* Please note that Marie-Ève Bérubé (interpretation 2016) is also co-founder of our collective Les Petites Géantes and of the show Émeraude et le monarque.


Emerald and the Monarch, a creation of the collective Les Petites Géantes, is a puppet show with two performers, lasting 25 minutes, dreamed up for very young children (3-5 years). This work seeks to raise awareness among toddlers about the preservation of biodiversity.

With a set full of surprises, Émeraude et le Monarque tells the story of a young girl who meets a Monarch butterfly that she finds beautiful. "I've never seen one like that!" she thinks to herself. After putting it in a jar to keep it close to her, Emerald realizes that her butterfly is fading fast. What to do?
The little girl becomes aware of the fragility of the nature that surrounds her. She will look for a way to keep her new friend close to her without hurting him. Different types of puppets and accessories will be used to build a playful universe where our little heroine will face surprising adventures.

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Andréanne Daigle biography


Upon graduating from the National Theatre School in Canada in May 2017, Andréanne Daigle was able to pursue her passion for youth theater. In 2019, she co-funded the creative collective Les Petites Géantes and created her show entiled Émeraude et le Monarque.  Andréanne worked for the company Le Carroussel to create the new play Frontière Nord directed by Gervais Gaudreault.  This show will be released in 2022 with a tour in Quebec and France.