The first English section meeting of the year was held – on Zoom, of course. This meeting brings together all students from all professional training programs in the English section, as well as program directors, associate artists and resident artists. As per tradition for a few years now, we asked returning students to bestow advice upon first-year students. Here is a snippet of what they had to say.

Julian Smith, Production Design and Technical Arts 2: “Now more than ever, mental health is really important. Take care of yourself.”

Henry Beasley, Acting 2: “Get to know the other programs. Don’t miss any chance. Community is what makes this school great.”

Jena McLean, Playwriting 3: “There are going to be moments when you cannot trust yourself or your artistic ability, but other people will. Find your people, in other programs and even outside of school.”

Brandon Carabin, Acting 2: “You are enough. You already earned your spot here.”

Jung A Im, Set and Costume Design 3: “If you’re having trouble with a school project, don’t be discouraged, keep going. A brilliant idea will pop up at a dramatic moment!”

Anaka Sandhu, Acting 2: “ Advocate for yourself. You know yourself best.”

Reena Jolly, Acting 2: “Invest in your classmates. They’re your family, your bubbles. I love my classmates and you will too.”

Jared Wonago, Acting 2: “Do not forget about your hobbies. You can’t be in school 24/7. Whether it’s cooking, reading, going for a run, or meditating, do it! It really helps to decompress.”

Charles Brien, Acting 2: “You’re going to meet so many instructors. Take what speaks to you. Make this school YOUR school.”

Kira Chisholm, Acting 2: “Most of all, have fun. Soak it up. Get all you can.”

Mara Teare, Acting 3: “Do not underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep and drinking plenty of water. Make sure your basic needs are met first, that will set you up for success.”