The Indigenous Artist Residency program at NTS allows Indigenous artists to expand their artistic practice. The program puts resident artists in contact with dozens of professionalartists who act as coaches and mentors during the training.

Rebecca Cuddy, member of the Métis Nation of Ontario, graduatedof the Indigenous Artists in Residence Program in 2022. She isleaving NTS with several projects in development that she willcontinue to nurture. These include a confident draft of her of herfirst play. Another is a work of augmented reality which weavestogether elements of her Métis heritage and personal beadworkpractice. "The Maydee Box" will be presented at the Festival ofLive and Digital Art this June in Kingston.

"The program has just been pushing me in a very nurturing way tonot be afraid to explore things that I've only pondered and thought:"Well maybe one day, but no, right now!". It's just access to all ofthese diferent amazing teachers who have so much time tochallenge you, it's really great."
Rebecca Cuddy


Rebecca began following the first-year actors’ curriculum:

- Daily voice and movement classes- 
- Silent Improvisation
- Solo Piece (a short-form creation process)
- Canadian Theatre in Context
- Ongoing Indigenous Resistance Through Theatre
- Full Play Study
- Project Motherland
- Introduction to an Actor’s Process

Rebecca has also been participating in some classes and workshops with the Directing Program
- Light and Sound Design Workshop
- Indigenous Theatre in Canada

She has also taken courses in the Playwriting and Directing programs:
- Free Writing
- Indigenous Theatre in Canada
- Approaches to Performance-making in a Digital Context
- Stage Management and Production Management seminars
- Performing Objects

Rebecca also participated in private coaching sessions:
- Exploration of Creation and Dramaturgy with Jani Lauzon,Yvette Nolan and Meegwun Fairbrother
- Foundations of Concept-building with Julie Fox
- Text Analysis with Andrea Romaldi
- Foundations of Directing with Matjash Mrozewski


Rebecca has taken part in the following classes and workshops:
- Sound Design Intensive
- Voice Over seminar
- Next Gen Showcase (audition preparation for an online showcase)
- Theatre History
- Free Writing
- Scenography
- Adaptation

Rebecca Cuddy was invited by Alisa Palmer, the English Section’s Artistic Director, to speak on behalf on all anglophone students at the school’s AGM. Rebecca’s enthusiasm, joy in creative exploration and appetite for work made her an ideal spokesperson.

The last term of Rebecca's residency was structured around projects:
- Ongoing dramaturgical conversations with Yvette Nolan
- Two script workshops on her Adaptation draft of Waubegeshig Rice's 2018 novel "Moon of the Crusted Snow"
- Spiderwebshow commissioned Rebecca to create a work for the Festival of Live and Digital Art’s Alpha series (for works indevelopment.)
     - Rebecca's creation, The Maydee Box, was presented on June 10th and 11th 2022.
- Rebecca acted as vocal coach on the student production of Cabaret, presented in the Ludger-Duvernay Theatre of theMonument-National
- Rebecca participated in the digital Next Generation Audition Showcase, along with the 3rd year Acting students