The application process to the Acting program culminates with the callback workshops, held during the month of May. The callback is a series of classes and workshops typical of the training at NTS. It is led by NTS faculty members and professional artists. Below, applicants share some thoughts about this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The call

“When I learned about my invitation for a callback, I was jovial. It was more than a step toward getting into NTS, it was affirmation and encouragement for me, and my potential as an actor.” –Isaac, BC

“When I heard about the callback, I threw my fist up in the air, cheered myself on, and ran around the apartment like a madman. Then I acted like it was no big deal. It was great news to hear.” –Andres, MB

I was so happy that my eyes filled with tears. I told my mom immediately and then unsuccessfully tried to calm myself down. Ha ha.” -Dakota, QC

The work

“I adored the class work that we did at the beginning of the day. Everyone was working their hardest and really contributing to a supportive and fun class.” –Madison, AB

“The opportunity to do voice and movement exercises really surprised me the most. I didn't know what the workshop would entail so having the opportunity to go in depth with those exercises while being guided by professionals for a couple of hours was a real treat.” -Andres, MB

The people

What surprised me the most about the workshop was how diverse our callback group was. I was very happy to see people not only from Canada, but from the UK and America as well. Also, seeing other actors of colour was very encouraging and representative of not only Canada's landscape, but the world as a whole.” -Dakota, QC

“The group of people I got to share the weekend with were some of the most talented and passionate people I've ever met.” –Ben, PEI

“Meeting Alisa Palmer has been an honour. I was so inspired by her after leaving my first audition that receiving a callback was a huge privilege to be able to work with her for a few more hours.” –Isaac, BC

“Because it's such an intimate and vulnerable setting over the two days, it really gave me the opportunity to get to know them well. I made some fast friends and met some kindred spirits. I felt more community and warmth in those two days than I did all year.” -Margot, ON

“I really valued the words that people gave me when I was a little flustered. It was nice to hear the journeys and advice of the other people.” –Madison, AB

“I was so blown away by the talent present and the incredible attitude that was so conducive to creation. The entire experience was incredible.” –Dustin, QC

“It was such a beautifully collaborative space, there was no sense of competition or judgment. It was all about seeing what each of us had to offer, and understanding what young people all over the country are doing with their theatre.” -Chloe, QC

The self

“I learned so much about myself as an actor and an artist. I learned that no matter how nervous or anxious I may feel going into a situation, I am capable of opening up and being vulnerable and connecting with the people I'm with. I left the callback feeling inspired.” -Margot, ON

The callback process was both life-changing and life-affirming for me. It really cemented the fact that acting is what I want to do with my life. This was one of the most important and most enjoyable weekends of my entire life.” –Ben, PEI

“Something I learned about myself in the workshop is that risks are something that scare me, but that's also where the heart of theatre lies... And that I need to continue to go where the fear is in order to grow as an artist.” -Dakota, QC

“The callback was one of the most inspiring artistic experiences of my life.” -Dustin, QC