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Our teaching artists

Our students are taught and mentored by working professional artists who have their finger on the pulse of the artistic community. They share a wealth of theatre experience from across Canada and around the world. NTS has an overall ratio of two instructors per student. Our group of teaching artists varies each year according to student needs.

Artists who mentor our students

Head of Movement - Rebecca Harper 

Head of Voice - Laurel Thomson 

Head of Music - Doug Price

Jodi Essery

Sharry Flett

Zach Fraser

Andrew Giday

Jonathan Goad

Jane Gooderham

Paul Gross

Brendan Healy

Tomson Highway

Eda Holmes

Tanya Jacobs

Ravi Jain

Jill Keiley

Ann-Marie Kerr

David Latham

Adam Lazarus

James Loye

Jared Lorenz

Ann-Marie MacDonald

Ruth Madoc-Jones

Kelly McEvenue

Yanna McIntosh

Seana McKenna

Marla McLean

Cassandra Nicolau

Nancy Palk

Alisa Palmer

Soheil Parsa

Cara Ricketts

Jo Jo Rideout

Anusree Roy

Djanet Sears

Andrew Shaver

Graeme Somerville

Paul Sportelli

John Stead

Jordan Tannahill

Jennifer Tarver

Severn Thompson

Emma Tibaldo

Jay Turvey

Ian Watson - in memoriam

Susan Williams

Meiko Yamamoto

Marcus Youssef

Joseph Ziegler

NTS instructors are all working professionals who share a wealth of theatre experience from across Canada and around the world.
Note: Faculty is subject to change, and varies each year according to student needs. The above list includes past and present instructors.

ART APART | Urgent support for emerging artists amid COVID-19 crisis

Because physical distance shouldn’t mean total isolation, the National Theatre School of Canada (NTS) is allocating $60,000 in support of emerging artists (as 80 grants of $750). These funds will be granted to theatre artists in training, or artists who have completed a theatre training program within the past five years, to present a piece of art online.

Apply online: https://ent-nts.ca/en/art-apart

Please note that the School's activities are suspended until May 1st. Subscribe to the newsletter to find out about the latest developments regarding the crisis.