Tuition & financial aid

Money should not be an obstacle to talent.

If you have talent, drive and a dream of making it as an artist, don’t let money hold you back from applying to the National Theatre School! We will find a way for you to study at Canada's oldest and most prestigious theatre school.

Our student financial aid program makes it easier for anyone who wants to attend the National Theatre School to pursue their passion, regardless of their income.

In 2022, we completely redesigned our financial aid criteria to better meet the needs of students and increase accessibility to theatre training.

Every year, we grant around $1 million in financial aid, distributed among our 150 students according to each person’s need.

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TUITION FEES - 2024-2025

Canadian citizens and permanent residents
Tuition is the same for students from all provinces and territories

  • Acting, Production Design &Technical Arts, and Set & Costume Design programs: $5,946.85
  • Playwriting and Directing programs: $6,877.97

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International Students

  • Acting, Production Design &Technical Arts, and Set & Costume Design programs: $11,893.78
  • Playwriting and Directing programs: $13,755.94

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Thanks to the financial support they receive, students can focus on their studies and develop their talent with peace of mind.


We support students financially for the full 3 years of their education.


We assess financial aid applications on a case-by-case basis to provide a solution that’s tailored to each student’s situation.


Step 1

Upon admission to one of our programs, you become eligible for the School's financial aid.*

*Our financial aid program is not available to international students. However, a dedicated financial aid is available for foreign students. See our FAQ.

Step 2

Between June 15 and July 15, you fill out the financial aid application form, so we can assess your personal and family financial situation. You can also write a note with more information to help us assess your case with even more precision.

Step 3

In September, you will be notified of the School’s decision and, if applicable, the amount of financial aid for the upcoming year of study at the National Theatre School.
This process must be repeated for each school year.


My estimated scholarship amount:

My estimated scholarship amount:

"I live in Montreal (income $50,000)  with my spouse, who earns $60,000, and one dependent child. I’m quitting my job to start the Directing program."

My estimated scholarship amount:


What are the criteria for receiving financial aid?

Financial aid amounts are calculated based on:

  • Status in Canada (citizen, resident, refugee, international student)
  • Place of residence (whether you need to relocate to Montreal)
  • Parental income
  • Student's income
  • Dependent children
  • Savings accounts
  • Family situation
What is the timeline for applying for and receiving financial aid?
  • Once you are admitted to the School, you have from June 15 to July 15 to apply for financial aid.
  • You will receive confirmation of your scholarship amount in September.
  • The scholarship will be paid in two installments: one in September and one in January.
Will I have the same financial aid for 3 years?

The scholarship is renewable for each year of study at the School and is re-evaluated each year according to the student's situation.

I’m an international student, am I eligible for financial aid?

International students on a student visa are not eligible for scholarships from the National Theatre School. An exception is made for refugee students.

However, dedicated funds may be available (without guarantee). In May, you can meet with student services to assess your needs and see if you are eligible for special assistance from the school.

Also, French and Belgian francophone students are eligible for the domestic tuition fee under international agreements between our governments.

International students can contact immigration services to find out about loans and bursaries offered by the Quebec government.

Contact us for more information.

Graduation Awards

Two awards are given out every year at the graduation ceremony. They are handed out to one or more graduating students, from any training program.

The Tullio Cedraschi Award recognizes a graduating student, in any discipline, who best exemplifies the mission and the values of the National Theatre School of Canada.

The Ada Slaight Prize is awarded to a graduating student, in any discipline, who demonstrates leadership and empathy in working with colleagues in both languages.

Emergency Loans Fund

Students may access a loan through the School, up to a maximum of $1,000 in a school year, through application to Student Services.
Loans must be reimbursed within the school year.



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