Space Rental Policy

The National Theatre School of Canada (NTS) is a nationally recognized artistic institution, in constant evolution and open to all. In order to meet the ever-evolving needs of the Canadian theatrical landscape, NTS provides unparalleled training in both French and English to all future professionals in the theatrical field. Simultaneously, NTS offers an extensive range of community programs to facilitate access to theatre for all Canadians. NTS operates from two campuses: the Saint-Denis campus located at 5030 Saint-Denis Street, and the Monument-National campus at 1182 Saint-Laurent Street. 

Policy Objectives

This policy aims to specify the conditions and procedures related to the rental of NTS space. It seeks to define eligibility criteria and rental parameters, explicitly state the rights and obligations of tenants, and ensure that space rentals are carried out in full compliance with NTS's mission and purpose. 

Eligibility Criteria

Any entity, whether public or private, as well as any individual aged 18 and over, is authorized to submit a space rental request, provided it complies with this policy. In the context of NTS, private events or activities include performances, rehearsals, meetings, training sessions, and any other artistic manifestations. 

Due to our limited capacity with regards to space, please note that not all eligible requests will be accepted. Priority for room rentals will be granted based on the following criteria: 

  1. Pedagogical activities of NTS. 
  2. Activities related to the Center for Arts and Social Innovation (CASI). 
  3. Activities aligned with NTS's mission and values. 

NTS reserves the right to decline any rental request aiming to organize events or activities deemed incompatible with its cultural vocation and organizational mission. This includes, among others, rental requests for events such as civil and religious weddings, including associated receptions, baptisms, funerals, as well as the conduct of religious ceremonies and rituals. In this context, any request for an event or activity must be submitted to NTS through a rental request, with the organization reserving the right to request any necessary clarification. 

Recognizing everyone's right to freedom of expression in a spirit of tolerance and respect for others, all individuals and organizations, whether public or private, who rent a space at NTS agree to observe the principles of secularism and neutrality in ideological and religious matters.  

Reservation requests

For all reservation requests, please fill in the reservation form.

Reservation form


Rental rates vary based on the duration of the rental and space usage. An estimate of costs will be provided following a reservation request.  

Rooms rental

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