Policy to prevent and fight sexual violence (PPFSV)

May, 26 2023

The National Theatre School of Canada (NTS) recognizes the critical importance of ensuring a safe and healthy work, study, and living environment for everyone in its community. The present Policy was written to address the need to prevent and fight sexual violence.

Through this Policy, NTS is fulfilling its obligation under the Act to Prevent and Fight Sexual Violence in Higher Education Institutions (The Act).

As such, NTS is committed to:
•Fostering an environment where every member of the NTS community feels safe and freefrom sexual violence, which are not to be tolerated in any form or context.
•Providing full support to anyone who makes use of the Policy to ensure appropriate andfair treatment.
•Offering prevention and awareness-raising activities as well as mandatory trainingsessions for all NTS community members.

In order to counter sexual violence in its facilities, NTS requires the participation of all members of its community. Executives, teaching staff, managers, support staff, as well as students and residents must be actively involved in the fight against sexual violences.

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Policy to Prevent Harassment and Promote a Safe Environment (PPHPSE)

This policy is in accordance with the principles of the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, which recognizes that every human being has the right to be treated with dignity, at all times. Therefore, any form of harassment, intimidation or abuse of authority is a violation of fundamental human rights.
The National Theatre School (NTS) hereby declares that no form of harassment, intimidation or abuse of authority will be tolerated, regardless of its source, to provide a healthy environment for the personal and professional development of everyone.


Through this policy, NTS intends to:
−Tolerate no form of harassment, intimidation, or abuse of authority.
−Create a work and training environment where everyone is treated with respect anddignity.
−Prevent harassment, intimidation, incivility, or abuse of authority among members of theNTS community, within its two buildings, Saint-Denis and Monument-National, but also,and without being limited to, employees of its other entities such as the Centre for Artsand Social Innovation, or the NTS DramaFest.
−Encourage accountability among all members of the community through timely dialogueor third-party intervention to prevent the deterioration of a situation deemed unfair.

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Documents to download

Policy to Prevent Harassment and Promote a Safe Environment

Read the full document here.

Policy to Prevent and Fight Sexual Violence

Read the full document here.

Mechanism for handling complaints

Download the image in PDF format here.

Protection of personal information

In the course of its activities, the National Theatre School of Canada collects and holds data of a personal and/or financial nature.

Upon presentation of identification, you may ask whether NTS holds a file on you and, if so, consult it free of charge on its premises. You may also request access to your file in writing or by telephone. A reasonable fee may be charged for transcribing, reproducing or transmitting the information contained in the file.

You may also request, in writing, that inaccurate, incomplete or equivocal information be corrected in your file or that it be deleted if its collection is not authorized by law. 

Your request for consultation or correction should be addressed to

Mr. Jean-Sébastien Dumaresq  
Person responsible for the collection and protection of private information

National Theatre School of Canada
5030 Saint-Denis Street, Montreal, Quebec H2J 2L8

514 842-7954 or toll free at 1-866-547-7328

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