Keith Barker

Artistic Director Native Earth Performing Arts
2019 NTS Festival Ontario Showcase Adjudicator

''I grew up in Northwestern Ontario. Hockey was the standard, and high school football was the measure of a man. The Arts was relegated to a classroom with no discernible real life application. All that changed when I went to the Sears Drama Festival. I went from thinking I would be a transport driver my whole life to discovering I wanted to be an actor. It was the beginning of my education in the arts, one that continues to this day. I owe my professional arts career to the Sears Drama Festival and my first drama teacher, Gail Sajo.''

Sharon Conrad

BC NTS Festival Showcase Coordinator

Theatre is the perfect vehicle in all different ways, so that though theatre, we learn how to communicate better with each other, we learn to empathize, we learn to problem solve, we learn how to support each other in a community, we learn to appreciate things aesthetically, we learn to work as a group – so for me it's everything about learning how to be a better human being because not everybody is going to be going out of this experience as being an actor, or a director or a technician. They’re going to be taking the skills that they have learned in theatre into everything in their life. Theatre is going to touch everything that they do from the moment they get involved.     

Theatre is inclusive, theatre is accepting, theatre is kind, theatre makes us think, theatre makes us laugh, theatre is fun: all of that, and more.  

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