Ontario coordinator

Ceed Stapleton

Ceed is based in Toronto after having lived 10+ years abroad in Japan and France. "I'm excited, and honoured, to be the new NTS Ontario Festival Coordinator, ensuring that the district, regional and provincial showcases are a well-organized celebration of students and theatre."  She has a background in ESL education, film festival coordination and arts education.

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6 Regions across Ontario

The Ontario Festival includes six regions: Central, East, North, South, Toronto and West. Each region has a varying number of districts as follows:


Central (3 districts)

Regional Coordinator

Laura Moniz (Rick Hansen SS) laura.moniz@peelsb.com

East (5 districts)

Regional Coordinator


Kingston St Lawrence

Kevin Fraser (Kingston CVI)
Adrian Black (Perth District CI) adrian.black@ucdsb.on.ca

North (2 districts)

Regional Coordinator

Jeff Graham (St. Joseph’s Scollard Hall)  grahamj@npsc.ca

South (6 districts)

Regional Coordinator

Carm Iachelli (Westdale SS) ciachell@hwdsb.on.ca

Toronto (4 districts)

Regional Coordinators:

Kelly Beaulieu kelly.beaulieu@tdsb.on.ca

Leda Miles (Senator O'Connor College School) leda.dimariamiles@tcdsb.org

West (5 districts)

Regional Coordinators

James Brawn (Bear Creek SS) jbrawn@scdsb.on.ca
Stephen Bainborough (Retired) bainboroughstephen@gmail.com 



Marisa Cavataio (Nelson HS) cavataiom@hdsb.ca

Caitlin Ferrone (MMR HS)

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