Curriculum - Set and Costume Design

Our training

NTS offers highly individualized training. As such, the curriculum is subject to change, following the latest development in technology, new artistic practices, and the needs of the specific group of artists making up each class.

Our training is always practical, underpinned by the 20 student shows created each year.

Hands-on training - under the guidance of seasoned professionals

1st Year

Life Drawing and Colour


Technical Drawing

3D Maquette Construction

Scenic Painting


Design Project

Costume Design Project


Theatre and Dramaturgy

Study of Costume

24-hour Play and "Exercice d'ensemble"


Theatre history


2nd Year

Life Drawing

Technical Drawing

Theoretical and Practical Projects (Opera, Film, Costume, Design with a Guest Director)

Illustration of Costumes

Fabric Dyeing

Painting and Exterior Drawing

Computer Drawing Project

Illustration of Space

Study of Costume

Production (Design and Assistance)

3rd Year

Designing Public Performances

Supervising and Collaborating in Design Projects (Cutting and Sewing, Properties, Millinery, Scenic Painting, Sets, Production Meetings, Makeup, Hairstyling)

Note: Curriculum is subject to change, and varies each year according to student needs.

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