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Our training

NTS offers highly individualized training. As such, the curriculum is subject to change, following the latest development in technology, new artistic practices, and the needs of the specific group of artists making up each class.

Our training is always practical, underpinned by the 20 student shows created each year.

Supporting individual growth through exposure to a diversity of professional practices and theatre styles

1st Year

  • Directing Practices
  • Text Analysis
  • Theatre History
  • Indigenous Theatre in Canada
  • European Plays and Playwrights
  • Foundations: From Script Analysis to Conversations with Collaborators
  • Sound and Lighting Workshop
  • Creative Strategies in Black Theatre
  • Movement Practices
  • The Poetry of Costume Design
  • Adaptation and the Self
  • Scene Study 1 (Shakespeare)
  • Performing Images/Puppetry
  • Leadership and Care in the Rehearsal Room
  • Collaboration with the Production Team
  • Devised Creation
  • Assistant Directing on an NTS production
  • Introduction to New Play Dramaturgy
  • Approaches to Performance-Making in a Digital Context
  • Directors’ Studio Project
  • Directing Mentorship

2nd Year

  • Scene Study 2 (contemporary)
  • Major Directors' Project (full production)
  • Professional Development
  • Directing Mentorship
  • Text in Context
  • Major Devised Creation
  • Assistant Directing on an NTS production
  • Dramaturgy and New Script Development
  • New Words Festival
  • Exploration of Scenography
  • New Words Festival

Note: Curriculum is subject to change and varies each year according to student needs.

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