Our Goal

Our goal with arts engagement is to open the doors of the National Theatre School to as many people as possible. 

Through various courses, workshops, and programs, we hope to give different communities access to the resources and expertise developed at NTS over the past 60 years. We see it as our responsibility to connect with all those who have an interest in the performing arts. 

Our Engagement

We believe diversity and accessibility are critical to our society and art. With that in mind, we support everyone’s right to an artistic experience. We are committed to ensuring a better representation of diversity in our courses and to making our resources accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why we encourage people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities, as well as Indigenous people, people with lived experiences, and people of colour, to register for our programs.

The Pedagogy

The National Theatre School offers everyone the opportunity to explore theatre as a form of artistic expression and as an instrument for personal and social change.  

We seek to address the initial question: how to begin? Its the starting point to every artistic project, every creation, regardless of whether it’s in acting, writing, or technical design. We will support you as you work towards different milestones in your artistic journey. 




It’s important to us that the learning be linked to a project that allows participants to make use of the skills that they acquire at NTS. They will then always be able to apply those skills to future activities, artistic or otherwise. 

Artistic engagement is evolving and we are very enthusiastic about the future directions of our community programs!

We are grateful for the incredible work of the artists who have taught with us, and we thank you for your participation and enthusiasm over the past two years. A thousand thanks!  

That said, we will not be presenting public workshops this year, other than the community choir. If you have a group who would like to arrange a workshop-visit at NTS, please contact the Artistic Engagement office: 514-842-7954 #132.

Theatre Engaging Communities (TEC)

Through the Theatre Engaging Communities (TEC) program, NTS supports its students and recent graduates by financing some of their artistic projects produced outside of the School (up to $5,000). This program combines the pursuit of artistic excellence with the determination to strengthen theatre’s social impact.

Students and recent NTS graduates (up to 5 years after graduation) may apply for for a grant to produce or perform art projects outside of the School if these projects demonstrate social or community involvement.

There are two types of grants

- type 1: project including some elements of community involvement (maximum amount requested $2,500)

- type 2: a community-engagement-centered project that benefits its targeted community (maximum request $5,000)   

The distinction between the two types of grants allows for the encouragement of different types of projects, while at the same time funding projects that demonstrate stronger and measurable community relevance.

Apply now!

NTS Community Choir

A choir built for fun! If you’ve never sung in a choir before or don’t read music, that’s okay! No prior experience necessary. Simply bring your enthusiasm, your joy and your laughter. We'll take care of the rest. 

Nuit Rouge

Since 2019, the arts engagement team has facilitated Nuit Rouge, an evening of performances and storytelling by the Indigenous artists of NTS (from the professional training programs and the artistic residencies).

For its second edition in 2020, Nuit Rougetook the shape of UTESSIT.