Black box: new craft in set design 

This project reconsiders the traditional form of the maquette in response to the iterative nature of design and prototyping. The black box will be explored as a modular kit - incorporating the traditional needs of this set design tool while also extending to different spaces, projects, materials, and configurations. In doing so, the black box is no longer secured to one play space or story inviting designers to revisit the same tool in different contexts. Through workshops and open-source design, this project acts as a prompt to collectively rethink the process of design exploration for performance space.


Augusta has an ongoing practice in textiles and apprenticed as a shoemaker in 2016. She holds a degree in Industrial Design from Emily Carr University of Art and Design graduating in 2020 with a focus on design research and social practice. Her work in design aims to engage herself and others in a process of making that is situated and responsive.