Sel is an epic for teens that stars a fat princess whose story does not revolve around her weight, but around her quest for a reconciled realm. The story takes place in a decadent and bulimic realm where it’s the custom for people to forget about all their negative emotions by eating until they vomit. Inspired by the Hungarian tale The Princess and the Salt, Sel is a fable that breaks out of storytelling codes and addresses contemporary issues such as body inclusivity, trauma healing, our relationship with food, and the emancipation of a toxic political system, all done with a feminist sensibility, openness, humour and a pop aesthetic that’s inspired by teenage social media networks. 

The creation team will collaborate with a drama therapist who specializes in eating disorders among youth. A tour of high schools, along with cultural mediation workshops, is planned for the coming months. 

Éléonore Brieuc Biography (Ontario)

Éléonore Brieuc is an author who wears many hats. After earning a DEC in literary creation, she obtained a massage therapy diploma in 2015 and a visual arts certificate in 2018. She then started a law degree in 2020, and the following year began her training in playwriting at the National Theatre School, which she will finish in May 2024. She worked for six years with the Qui Dit Vain theatre collective as a performer, author and co-director. As interested in collective creation as she is in solo writing, Éléonore shines in projects that allow her to express her taste for rebellion, poetry, the visceral, and incongruous worlds. 

Anne-Marie St-Louis Biography (Ontario)

Anne-Marie St-Louis is a director who defines herself by her unstoppable passion for the performance arts and community. She is the recipient of the Fonds de recherche du Québec scholarship for her investigation of food and theatricality for her master’s degree at UQAM’s École supérieure de théâtre. She seeks to create more inclusive, friendly and creative directing methodologies. Since 2017, she has co-directed the youth theatre company Créactifs, with which she has produced projects noted for their exploration of unusual theatre spaces, their sparkling and philosophical dramaturgy and their participative elements. She also works in cultural mediation with various partners, including Théâtre Espace Libre, Fusion Jeunesse, Théâtre du Nouveau Monde and the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal.