Description of the project La mesure de nos envies: writing commission for a creation workshop in the Villeray area.

Théâtre Harpagon is engaged in both creative theatre and the community milieu, among others through their “Théâtre à ciel ouvert” (open-air theatre) project in collaboration with Ville de Laval. For several years, mini-productions have been offered to people who want to have a first theatre experience. For the mini-production of fall 2023, Théâtre Harpagon is inviting an author to create a tailor-made play with and for the participants. The author will be Pierre Berlioux.

Pierre Berlioux (Toronto)

After starting with street theatre, Pierre Berlioux studied the dramatic arts at Conservatoire du Grand Avignon as well as the Théâtre rural d’animation culturelle and at Académie Internationale des Arts du Spectacle. He then turned toward theatre machinery and worked as a set builder and set designer. In 2013, he founded a stage theatre company, Comédie du Fol Espoir, for which he was a coauthor and actor. In parallel, he danced with the company Les Roses du Pavé.  

He joined the NTS Écriture dramatique program in 2020, where he wrote Sept stations avant terminus (coaching by Diane Pavlovic and reading directed by Frédéric Dubois), Archéopunk (coaching by Simon Boudreault and directed by Philippe Racine) and L’amour vient du futur (coaching by Olivier Kemeid and directed by Véronique Côté). Throughout his career, he has also written scripts, texts for young audiences and song lyrics.

Leading a too-short existence on a fragile planet lost in an icy universe, he rejoices in knowing that life has no meaning, because he can give it one—which oscillates between politics, poetry and love.