La terre est gronde

A creation by Michel Ouellette, directed by Dillon Orr.
In front of a cottage, on an island, in the middle of a river, Hubert and Henriette, bellies hollow with hunger, are waiting for the end. Two rich people arrive: Trudy and Crayon, the island’s owners, along with Hugo, a professional golfer. The trio has just left the city to escape the economic, environmental and health crises. Later, Mimi, Dodo, Nini, Titi, aka, Nono and Tata will emerge from the earth. They were digging the mystery, the mystery of the hole. Why were they in the hole? Maybe Earth is not an entity that’s separate from humans, is not simply an object or a background. Maybe today, a certain kind of ecological thought can only be reached through the arts.

Dillon Orr Biography (Ontario)

Originally from the Detroit area, Dillon Orr is a franco-Ontarian director. He is a graduate of the University of Ottawa’s Department of Theatre and of the National Theatre School of Canada. Dillion is strongly interested in the development and production of new dramaturgies, and has received the Prix Paulette Gagnon (2016) and the Prix national d’excellence RBC (2019), awarded by the Fondation pour l’avancement du théâtre francophone au Canada, as well as the Pauline McGibbon Award (2021) from the Ontario Arts Council. His theatre and speaking work, full of passion and sometimes grating, is accessible and shot through with humour in the spirit of popular entertainment, demonstrating his uniqueness and thirst for representation within an intrinsically franco-Ontarian theatre. His numerous creations include Le club des éphémères (Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario, Théâtre français de Toronto), Ceci n’est pas une lettre d’adieu… (Théâtre Catapulte), Toutou (Vox Théâtre), Jeff Koons (Théâtre du Trillium, Centre Phi) and Vaches, The Musical (Créations In Vivo).